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    Hmm, why not, want to add a little as well.

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    Apparently, if you make a person jump off a cliff but you stop him from doing it successful in ArcheAge, you get the honor but you don't get the points - fun thought.

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    Item list on picture 1? Mainly weapons

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    Item list on picture 1? Mainly weapons
    Tier 8.5 from Ulduar 25. Boots are Boots of the Neverending Path (sold by Argent Crusade QM), belt seems Bloodfang Belt (dropped by Vaelastrasz in BWL), head seems Mimiron's Flight Goggles (dropped by Mimiron 10 Hard Mode).
    MH weapon is Felsteel Longblade (BS craft) and OH is Scaleslicer/Organic Lifeform Inverter (first wep is a trash loot in BWD, second one is dropped by Omnotron Defense System in BWD). Tabard is Sunreaver Tabard.
    Sorry but I can't post any link.
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