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    I got super tuned car, like 10.500 euros in tuning.
    Once a guy almost drived in me, i was shitting my self. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefar View Post
    I jerk of at night, ghosts don't want to see that shit
    well that's how we roll in Holland.


    me and my mother (trolol sorry Dragonwing, couldn't resist) My mother and I, are both a little bit paranormaly gifted.
    My mothers example: We had an elderly couple as neighbours (Rest in peace both of them). One day, the wife of the man died, and my mother offered to clean his house, as he was incapable of cleaning it himself(He had no relatives). So he went of this his holiday place and my mother cleaned the house. First day, jackpot. Whilst my mother is cleaning, this huge vase dropped of the.. uhh.. how do you call it.. It's a space infront of your window, where you can put stuff on. Anyhow, that vase was completly pushed against the glass, and my mother was in the other side of the room, just starting there so she didnt even touch it yet. Moments later this Flamingo falls on the floor and after that, the picture of the wife in question suddenly made a sound of glass breaking. So my mother comes rushing back to our house, yells at me to come with her, and I am all like, What the Hell is going on? My mother explains what happens and want me to come with her to check things out, and to clean the broken vase up. While I was there, I looked at the picture frame, see the crack in the glass, feel one sudden chill and then it's warm again. Also, her husband died on his holiday vacation. I myself think it's because he was heartbroken of the loss of his wife, they we're like 75 years together, they've known eachother since they were childs

    Mothers moment 2: (this is something i heared from her) When I was young I got bullied alot. I make the step of going from elementary school to highschool but there was this bully that just decided that i was not allowed to cycle with them to school. After telling what happened to my mother, she got insanely pissed, and talked with the mother of the bully. The mother's bully was all like: "Ohh my son wouldn't do that, and he's my angel" and that sorta stuff. My mother, extremly emotional of what happened, rushed back home, locked herself in the room and just started crying. After a few moments she heared a voice saying: It's going to be alright with him, you need to let him do his own thing." (My mother was extremely protective around that age, after that moment she really let me do my own thing, and now I'm quite the succesfull game developer, with lots of good friends).

    Now my own moment: I was riding my bike back home at night, and all of a sudden, i see this huge big headed creature(about the size of a full grown man, maybe largerm was too far away for me to see) crossing the road at an extremely high speed, going into the driveway of a house and hid behind the trashcans. I got all like, okay, i got to lay down smoking but i could've sworn i saw it looking back at me. After that moment I was BEAST MODE ENGAGED and got home within 5 minutes (where i was normaly takes 20 minutes to get there)

    Moment 2: I was at my friends house, and they went out to smoke some pot. I wasn't feeling on getting high, and got a little bit sneaky and decided to check out his comp for some files. I found a diary, with some of what he experienced that day. I also discovered that his Grandmother passed away a little while back, and I felt really bad for not noticing this. All of a sudden, my other friend (we were with a bunch) needed to go to the loo, and right at the moment he leaves, I reach the part of his grandmother and I feel this extremely cold hand on my shoulder.
    Really freaked me out.

    Sorry for my Engrish, it aint that good as it used to be :P

    Also, recalling these stories and typing them gave me the shivers D:

    But yeah, I saw more shit then i can handle and i really should stop recalling those moments so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodian View Post

    That first one was depressing...
    My grandmother is going very senile and gets excessively angry when people try to do things for her, as she thinks she still can(time and time again she has proven otherwise). Its pretty sad to see her like that.

    And that space on the window is the windowsill.
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    Small disclaimer: I realize that I probably have some sort of mental problem, but that does not make any of what I say any less real. At least, not to me.

    Ever since I was a child, I've been able to see things that aren't there. I don't mean 'omg that movie was so scary I totally saw a creepy monster in my closet last night!', either. I see things. Things that overlap my normal sight. It's not so bad some days, but other days, I am unable to perceive things the way they should be perceived. I've been walking to work and have seen the sides of buildings weeping tears of blood. I have seen a skyscraper crumble and fall while in reality it is standing quite firm.

    I am not 'day dreaming' these things. Whenever something like this happens to me, it always takes me by surprise. When I was little, I'd be like, "FUCK THIS IS REAL I HAVE TO GTFO', but nowadays, I'm practically used to it. I've seen people's faces distort and grow extra mouths lined with disgusting fangs dripping gore.

    I'm extremely paranoid, as well. If I'm home alone or if my roommate is out for the day or whatever, I can hardly go a minute without glancing worriedly over my shoulder.

    When I was a kid, I used to sit in this corner in the living room because for some reason, I was able to hear voices there. No, there was no TV or radio nearby, and we lived in a house, so our closest neighbors were 100 feet away and under another roof.

    I see good things too though. I've seen people sprout multi-colored wings, and have seen stars dance with faces in the sky. I've lost many good friends, but thanks to my ability to 'see', I will always remember them and their faces. Pets that have passed away often visit me while I'm falling asleep at night.

    No, I'm not just trying to impress people on the internet with lies. And yes, I very much realize I probably have schizophrenia. >.<
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    I have gathered up several stories over the years.

    When I was younger probably a junior/senior in high school, I lived in the middle of nowhere. I had about 2500 acres north of me that no one lived on and about 900 acres south of me that no one lived on. This land was mostly very hilly forest, with a few fields here and there. One summer evening me, my dad, younger brother, and sister decided to play a game of manhunt/hide and seek in the cedar thicket north of our house. We had a pond the hunter team was sitting at waiting at while the other team went across the field that was about the size of a football field into the thicket to hide after a few minutes we went to go hunt them down and catch them. For the last round, me and my brother were on a team and my dad and sister went to go hide. It was a few minutes before sunset when we had our last round.

    We waited a few minutes then went into the thicket, after a few minutes we caught our sister and began looking for our dad. Towards the back end towards a dip where the creek was the formed the boundary line we saw to adult legs from under the cedar trees. But he wasn't wearing any shoes and we couldn't see any shorts. Me and my brother quietly tried to sneak up on him from opposite sides. Spooked the person noticed us and began running for the back boundary/creek. Me and my brother both darted after him. As we came out of the cedar we could only catch an outline but the person was about the size of our dad 6'4" about 200 lbs and well built, and very hairy and completely naked, but the sun had just set so we couldn't make out details very well. They kept running from us right out of the boundary, across the creek. We both watched him run out of sight, knowing dinner was about ready cause our mom yelled out to us before that round, we both turned around and ran back towards the house. When we got out of the cedar thicket we saw our dad sitting on the dam of the pond next to my sister, fully clothed. It would have been absolutely impossible for him to get back and get clothed in the time we got over there. My dad and sister both claimed he had been sitting there for 10 mins or so too.

    About a year later, after coming home from college, I had another run in with this thing. We had chickens with a large chicken coup near the same pond that we started our game at by the cedar thickets about 100 yards from our house. Over the last year or so though we had lost about 30-40 chickens though. Something was getting into our chicken coup tearing through the metal screen boxing in the yard. My dad said it was wild dogs and kept trying to catch them and stuff, but never could. I always questioned him though because it seemed the holes in the screens kept showing up a few feet off the ground. Nothing a dog would do. Well one night me and my sister were coming home from a summer party at like 2-3am and as we pulled into the drive way the headlights of the car shined over the chicken coup. That's when we both saw the scariest thing I've ever seen. There was a thing that looked like a hairy gollum from Lord of the Rings with eyes glowing red in the head lights on the roof of the chicken coup, crouched down like spiderman/gollum. It snarled with with what looked like sharp teeth and hoped down and ran into the cedars. Me and my sister were scared shitless we ran inside and woke up our parents and told them what happened they blew it off saying we had too much to drink. Toward the end of the summer we were all watching a movie one night when we heard a commotion going on down at the chicken coup. My dad ran and grab a shot gun and flash light and went out the back door. We heard a few shots and my dad came back in pale as a ghost. He didn't say anything, besides he chased it off. When we asked what he didn't respond, just turned the movie back on and said it was over with. The next day he decided we were no longer going to have chickens and got rid of them all and began locking all the doors and windows. No sign of the thing since. Although since then some rich folks bought up all the land north of us and began building lakes and million dollar homes on the lakes calling them secluded summer homes. My parents started having chickens again a few years ago, and haven't had any problems. Not really sure what ever happened to the thing.

    3. When I went to college I joined a fraternity house. The house was 75+ years old and had been remodeled/torn down/rebuilt multiple times over the years. I was once a 5-6 bedroom house, had a 40 room attachment added onto the back, then had the front house torned down and rebuilt over the old one. The basement of the original house was never torned out either, simply sealed off with no doors to get into it. 3 members were known to have died while living in the house. Also we kept a human skull in a secret closet in the the old section of the house for fraternity ritual practices. Some weird stuff would happen in that house late at night. Stuff would move over night behind locked doors that no one had access to. I noticed the most activity on the 2nd floor of the house and the older rebuilt front end of the building. One or two times I would go to sleep(100% sober) and wake up in the morning to find the furniture in my room completely moved around when my door was locked and no one else had a key to my room. I also would have stuff go missing for weeks then show up on my desk when I woke up in the morning after having my door locked for the night. Also between 3-4am it wasn't rare to actually here voices coming from inside the 2nd floor bathroom. If you went into the bathroom it actually sounded like the noises were coming out of the plumbing, yet you could walk the whole house and not hear any other noise. Everyone who had a room next to that bathroom had weird stuff happen. One night a guy woke up to his loft shaking violently, he hopped down and out of the loft and it was still shaking he went over to the light switch and upon turning on the light the bed stopped shaking. And no one was in his room, his door never opened or closed. In the older front part of the house the rooms surrounding the secret closet would also have strange things happen. We had a formal living room/lobby area in the room where the closet door was located. One night me and a friend were sitting on the couches in there pulling an all nighter studying for a final. And we kept hearing noises coming the formal chapter room which is on the back side of the closet. The room was just a formal meeting room with a big table, fireplace and couches going around the room. We opened the door, turned on the lights and went in. It was May and 70-80 degrees outside, but when we went into the room it was ice cold, we could see our breath condensing in front of us and both of us had our hair stand straight up like we were touching one of those static balls. We both freaked the hell out and ran to the opposite end of the house.

    4. A few years after college, I ended up getting a house in downtown St. Louis that was 104 years old. I used to constantly wake up in the middle of the night to a dog with glowing green eyes sitting next to the bed staring at me, only to turn on the light and it be gone. Both me and my girlfriend saw it constantly. And I can't even talk about the stuff that went on in the basement. shutters.

    5. While back I was the assistant manager for a gas station that had a cemetary on two sides of it. Our third shift guy had a serious accident and was out for a month on medical leave. So I stepped in and did third shift 3 nights a week. The store was 24/7 but we would lock up from 1am to 4:30am and had a window we could sell stuff from. Multiple times I would see an old man walking through the store then dissappear. We had a MASSIVE turnover rate at that store on third shifters, a lot of people would work a night or two and quit. One night I was working in the cooler and when I came out a ceramic doll was on the floor about 20 feet from the shelf it sat on. I put it back then went into the back office to watch video. The doll literally threw itself off the shelf by itself and flew 20 feet across the store. I burnt the video onto a CD-R back then, but its out in my garage in a box atm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovacor View Post
    There is some weird things that happen in my house. For example, upstairs by the kitchen we have this China Cabinet that was my Great Grandmother's. This Cabinet has an extremely heavy door. It also has a lock. This happens quite often; I will be in my room (which is directly under the kitchen) & I will hear something drop (a loaf of bread, an apple etc). I'll go upstairs to see what dropped and the China Cabinet door will be wide open. It bugs the living shit out of me, I lock the damn thing EVERY night and there is no physical way that that door swings open by itself. It ONLY happens during the night. Upon coming back downstairs after closing the cabinet and picking up the food my bedroom door will be wide open and/or my light will be on while I KNOW I closed my door and had my light off. I attempt to find a logical explanation for this crap but I have nothing. No one is screwing with me - there is no way anyone is that fast in my family.

    Aside from that sometimes when I go into my garage I see a white & very fleshy figure from Tool's music video "Stinkfist". I'll open the garage door and the image will be there for a split second, i'll blink and it'll be gone. This is more of a psychological thing though - would not consider it paranormal.

    The whole China Cabinet thing does not bother me anymore, it's when things in my room have been tempered with that I kind of start to think. Then every bit of logic tells me to just ignore it & turn on some music.
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    I started playing the game when I was 11 during BC. I actually discovered jacking off and came for the first time during a Gruul's Lair raid with my guild!

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    When I was a kid, every now and then I would wake up in the middle of the night and it felt like hands were grabbing me. It felt like they were rubbing my legs and chest and sometimes it felt like the hands were touching my genitals. I would be so scared that I would just keep my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep, and then eventually I would get a sudden burst of courage and just reach over real fast and turn the light on, but there was never anything there. What was really weird is my dad was always in the room when I turned the light on, he used to protect me from monsters he said, and he never saw anything either! it was so weird!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menkey View Post
    When I was a kid, every now and then I would wake up in the middle of the night and it felt like hands were grabbing me. It felt like they were rubbing my legs and chest and sometimes it felt like the hands were touching my genitals. I would be so scared that I would just keep my eyes shut and pretend to be asleep, and then eventually I would get a sudden burst of courage and just reach over real fast and turn the light on, but there was never anything there. What was really weird is my dad was always in the room when I turned the light on, he used to protect me from monsters he said, and he never saw anything either! it was so weird!
    I think you may have some problems that're not ghost-related at all, you poor little thing. *pats*
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    I played video games, got out of the room, turned off the light. What the hell, a mans presence showed up. I turned light again and it was gone.

    I was like "dude wth am i dreaming?" closed the light and then the man where there again. I creeped out and went to my friend to sleep. And i did it fast.

    And then i said to myself "i must have seen it" while brushing my teeths and a shadow walked past me, really fast. Its not the typical ghost shadow, i mean its just a shadow in the wall. Its so retarded creepy.

    And to add, something else happened. I live outside the city. Last year, at spring, blue sky, i saw this weird i mean really weird green ship.

    It came from the sky fast, slowed down instantly and shined with weird waterlike colours over the city and then it landed.

    I didnt dream cause my friend saw it too. No news about it. Maybe it turned invisible lmao.

    And when i was a kid i saw a bloody Jesus show up at the window and a kid open a door to a tree and going in to a new world, but i guess its just dreams.
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    My friend and I once saw a UFO fly over our street when playing basketball. It was either pretty low or pretty damn big. It was a mix of brown, grey, green, and black. It was in the shape of a half-oval, and on the back was some kind of greenish glow. It moved at an average pace (for gigantic alien ships) north.

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    Allright, true story inc.

    I moved out from my parents about 3 years ago. My parents got both a cat and a dog, the dog got its bed with them in thier room but the cat usually strolls down the hall to my room to go sleep next to me in my bed. I usually like it especially during the winter it adds some heat. However, during parties or just social events at thier house i tend to sleep over so i can drink and not think about it being late to drive home.
    This one night i were up really late to about 3am, i go take my normal glas off water and goes to bed. It starts to fire up a thunderstorm outside right above me so its reaaaaally loud and alot of rain and wind. I am having trouble sleeping that night and keep rolling back and forth when i suddenly notice some crackling sounds in the hall way and i quickly figure its my cat on his way to my bed. I was correct, the noice became louder and i felt the jump up to the bed edge and him walking around my legs. I remember him being more heavy then usually...

    Then suddenly i realised something... I AM NOT AT MY PARENTS!!!!! I AM IN MY OWN APPARTMENT AND I DONT GOT A FREAKIN CAT!!

    i freaked out so much that i couldnt sleep that night.. i swear that i felt something walking around my legs. Having huge problems to spend nights at my parents these days.

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    heres one!
    the day my aunt's sister died, it was one week before she was about to move to the U.S. (omg just realized that today is the anniversary of the day she died)

    we went to my aunt's house to console her, and in the middle of all the grieving their dog started barking at the doorway, she was fixated on the door, almost like someone was standing there. no matter what we'd do she wouldnt stfu, and finaly my baby cousin who was like 4-5 at the time tells me that "Arusik(name of my aunt's sister) is here, she wants to visit us but Maxine(dog) wont let her come in"
    chills ran down my spine...

    but after we locked the dog in the bathroom for a little bit my little cousin starts talking to who i assume is the spirit of Arusik at this point, he starts showing it stuff and singing for it
    i asked him later about who he was talking to, and he gave a perfect physical description of her...
    more chills...

    Note that the kids were never told about the death, nor did they know who Arusik was or what she looked like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayharut View Post
    heres one!
    the day my aunt's sister died,
    You mean your mother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpieboi View Post
    You mean your mother?
    His aunt might be married to his mother's brother.

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    So... I've had some weird experiences, most of them I wouldnt care to share. I grew up in a really creepy house, and whatnot.. But, one of them ends funnily enough, and the other was a small thing. So, my aunt and uncle have this HUGE house, and it has 10 acres of land around it. They live "out in the boonies" as we jokingly call it. Far enough out that my uncle has fired a shotgun into the air (we had someone teepeeing the house... long story) and no one responded. No one even called the cops. To add to this, we've had reports of things like sex offenders in the area, about a mile as the crow flies. So, knowing this.. my uncle went camping. Now, my uncle likes to scare us, so we always take everything he does with a grain of salt. So, one night my aunt calls up to me in my room, around midnight. This transpires:
    Aunt: Jen! Jen! Come here!
    (i walk down the stairs)
    Aunt: Do you hear that?
    Me: Uhm.... no?
    Aunt: Listen! Do you hear that?
    (i listen to the occasional chirp of crickets. I raise my eyebrow at my aunt)
    (A noise appears.. it sounds suspiciously like someone making a "Shhhh" sound, right outside of the window. I look at my aunt, trying to process the noise. It then happens again a minute later.)
    Me: *bloodcurdling scream, running to the opposite end of the house*)
    (sister comes down the stairs)
    Sister: What... the... hell?
    (noise repeats itself, my sister's eyes wide)
    Sister: CALL UNCLE!!!

    So, we call him, he swears up and down that he is gone hunting, as he said. We talk with his friend who is out with him, and yes they are out. My uncle tells us it was probably a screech owl, which it sounded nothing like. The motion sensor light went off in the backyard, and our labrador started to bark at something, rather offensively.

    I've also heard weird singing coming from the woods behind my aunt and uncle's house, that sounded... weird.

    the other story, well.. we had this window, and it was kind of tall up, i had to stand on tiptoes to see it. I was at the house, with my boyfriend... We were playing chess on the couch, otherwise alone at the house. So, I hear a car door and I walk to the window to go look outside it, at the carport. I see this man, about my height standing there, staring at me. (Keep in mind, the window is far up, but this is kind of raised off the ground.. so he is shorter then I am technically, but he is where I would see a normal guy standing at his height, if that makes sense.) I stare at the guy for a minute, who just stares at me.
    I freak out.
    I scream for my boyfriend, running to him. He goes to the window, and doesnt see anyone. He calms me down. "Yes, Im sure someone was there.. but theyre gone now. They must have seen you were home, and left."
    I hear a car door again, so I go check. And again.. the guy is there.. just staring at me.
    I scream and run over and hide on the couch.
    Boyfriend goes and looks. Stands there for a minute.. Turns to look at me, looking... blank.
    "You say you saw someone?" I nod.
    "...That was my reflection."
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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    my pants, they are soiled X(

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    Okay, I've experianced a few wierd things through the years, here is 2 of them:

    1. Once when I were like 7 or something I woke up in middel of the night, now this might sound REALLY strange, but I am one 100% sure I saw Goofy (yea, Goofy from Disney) standing near my window. Goofy opened my window, waved goodbye to me and jumped out of the window. After that I went to sleep between my parents in their bed because it freaked me out. Im still thinking about it today and im not sure if it was because I was really tired or it was some kind super natural thing that happened to look like Goofy who I was quite a big fan of when I was 7.

    2. 2 years ago me and my family was getting ready to go on a vacation and I was waiting for them outside at our car. While waiting I noticed a wierd red blinking light flying around in the sky. When it got closer I could see that it was some king of round object with red blinking lights. I thought about running inside and grab my cellphone to film it, but I was afraid that I could miss something cool. After a few minutes it started to take off and I tried to follow it as far as i could when it suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a ring of smoke.

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    Ehhh. I don't believe in the paranormal.

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    So yes, anyway, when I was smaller I sometimes invited my friends to my house. We once went to the addic, but we felt a feeling to leave. Also I don't like that part of the house very much, the wall paint corroded a bit, and the other part, which is not even painted has wind coming around making weird sounds and sometimes the light doesn't work and the air feels damp.

    About other paranormal effects not sure what to say... I was once bitten by a dog who had made her lair under the gravestone of someone, does that count? I still have that scar.

    Also there's sometimes coming from the university at night or from the train station in autumn and there's nobody on the streets, no cars, no people, nothing, and you hear the wind moving the leaves and them cracking as they resurface. And when I had to come from the train station I also have to pass through a park which is not well lighted and the leaves move behind you.

    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post

    You don't need to be able to read it to get the effect from it, trust me.
    You know, first time I watched it I had NoScript on, so nothing happened, I scrolled down and saw the comic and was wondering why everyone thought it was scary. I turned NoScript off but still nothing happened so I closed it. So then seeing all the people commenting on how scary it is I reopened it (it's like 2 a.m. here) and started scrolling down to have it stop at one point and see that guy's head turn with a crack. I felt a chill then I started laughing.

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    Was walking through the graveyard with friend .... heard a woman scream help but no one was there

    Then we saw 10 cats all looking at us ....

    Stolen ... from elyssia .... mad elyssia?

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