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    Was walking through the graveyard with friend .... heard a woman scream help but no one was there

    Then we saw 10 cats all looking at us ....
    Reminds me of the Lovecraft story "The Cats of Ulthar."

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    Small disclaimer: I realize that I probably have some sort of mental problem, but that does not make any of what I say any less real. At least, not to me.

    That is very interesting. I am somewhat glad my "hallucinations"(as i often hear them called) are not so vivid, though those that you call good seem rather beautiful.

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    I wish I could do that, except be able to control what I see. Have you tried controlling it?
    You cant really control what you see, especially if you truly are schizophrenic. It just happens, and the vast majority of the time, people live in fear of what they see, or become very dangerous. Some, however, are very happy with them.
    I was watching a documentary on mental institutions, and one of the patients refused to take his medication for schizophrenia. He liked to talk with the voices in his head, and they never told him to do the media stereotyped voices of "kill your family" and such.

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    I sleep in a room with the attic door right above me, when the wind gets going, it'll open up about 2 inches, then slam shut. That's always fun.

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