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    Good to see theres still a small part of our community left here that is decent,

    + internet for using a creative method to collect data Im impressed really. I wouldnt of thought to come on my local fourm and ask tbh

    Also you better start posting more now

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    I <3 survey research.

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    There ya go buddy now remember if you fail imma get ya!
    Farewell WoW Pandaland
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrambledegg View Post
    did it. I hope my computers not infected now!
    I was hoping that using Google's URL shortener (which has built-in malware detection) would help allay peoples' fears that I was somehow trying to slip spyware onto their computers.

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    That was a piss easy survey, everyone do it
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Nop I haven't ... France always managed to win the wars ...

    Edit: well, you know, kinda.

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    Well that made me feel good about myself =D
    Pallys FTW

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    Done. Good luck to you.

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    Done! Good luck with that. I know how much surveys sucks to conduct, so I did yours out of gratitude towards the people who did mine a few months ago

    But yeah I found out I'm a monster. I feel so bad about that stranger on the bus for some reason

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    Good luck mate!

    p.s. I am awful, wouldn't pick the bottle up, I'd hold the cash for myself, and I'd tell the adjacent stranger to mind his own business! :P

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    Done! Always a bonus being presented with the opportunity to help someone while just sitting around the computer.

    Do post results!

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    Good luck.
    and that was easy.

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    All filled out.

    Best of luck.

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    Done. I will have to remember this in case I ever need to make a survey, provided the site is still around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    There you go, I hope you're getting enough input :-)
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    Done! Glad to help. I'm interested as to what the results of this will look like.

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    Filled out. Best of luck in college!

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    Done. Good luck bro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leapers View Post
    I have a membership with a gym that I pay $30 a month... and I don't ever see people go up to the trainers or workers saying, "Hey! I pay you every month to use your services! I should be as fit and buff as the guy over there who works out for hours every week!"

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    Finished and learned that I am a heartless bastard in the process.

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    Done, my replies will really make me seem like an asshole but it's the truth.

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