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    Parenting doing it right!

    I am not a parent, but it sure made me laugh.

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    What.. Exactly?

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    Little box with X for the win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agetro View Post
    Little box with X for the win!
    I don't even get a little box with X...
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    Ah yeah...

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    It dun workd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agetro View Post
    Little box with X for the win!
    i got a green circle, a blue circle, and a right triangle. I think it means the same thing.

    hold on guys maybe it's a puzzle! maybe withholding information from us is what he's referring to about parenting!

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    When i start a new thread

    I shall make it a puzzle

    The hot topics on MMO-C

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    This is what you get for reposting images with crappy sources.

    This also belongs in the funny picture megathread.
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