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    I thought it was pretty cool when I first acquired shadowform in BC (especially since I rarely saw ANY shadowpriests running around)...

    but it would be nice to actually be able to see my equipment and mounts for a change...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lustinus View Post
    Druids got their forms updated, I don't see why they couldn't make a new Shadowform look.
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    I don't think we need a "new" one, but if they updated the graphic a little it would be nice. I'd like to be more.. whispey. As if I'd blow away if a strong breeze came by. It'd be neat to blur slightly when you move.

    Or give us a dark murky flowing effect, like uhm... What the High Templar have when they move. But not blue.

    INFRACTED! For uhm... Idk, I'll read the ToS later, I'm sure I'll find something in there I can stretch to cover whatever it is I don't like about you.

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