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    No clarification for Beth difficulty, is it on heroic or normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keosen View Post
    No clarification for Beth difficulty, is it on heroic or normal?
    Maybe it's both

    But anyways nooooo trinket nerf..Those bastards.
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    Good changes!
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    Is it me or does this always happen after the elite guilds get the legendary....

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    When did the nerf to Beth'ilac and the buff of Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor take effect?

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    Sunwell : Kalecgos should no longer despawn when first engaged.Yeah + lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by iJagg View Post
    • Ragnaros
    • Ragnaros should now be crushing fewer souls on Heroic difficulty

    For those people that keep asking, I'm pretty sure its Heroic mode nerf.
    they're talking about the Beth nerfs, not the Reggy ones the Raggy one clearly states Hc mode.

    I'm thinking as the Beth nerf DOESN'T state Hc or Normal, it means both? not really sure WHY normal needed a nerf though, it's already a pretty easy fight
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