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  • INTJ

    11 20.75%
  • INTP

    9 16.98%
  • ENTJ

    1 1.89%
  • ENTP

    3 5.66%
  • INFJ

    4 7.55%
  • INFP

    3 5.66%
  • ENFJ

    2 3.77%
  • ENFP

    2 3.77%
  • ISTJ

    6 11.32%
  • ISFJ

    2 3.77%
  • ESTJ

    2 3.77%
  • ESFJ

    0 0%
  • ISTP

    3 5.66%
  • ISFP

    4 7.55%
  • ESTP

    1 1.89%
  • ESFP

    0 0%
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    Post your MBTI personality type!

    Like the title says,post your results! (poll incoming)

    Here are two tests (pick one). Both have a set of 60 questions: (Quicker but still quite accurate.) (Slightly more in-depth.)

    After you're done,you can check here for the description of your type:

    In case you don't know what MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is,its one of the most popular personality tests worldwide,based on the theory proposed by Carl Jung. The test gives you one of 16 personality types which are created from a combination of four letters: Extroversion/Introversion (E/I),Sensing/Intuition (S/I),Thinking/Feeling (T/F),Judging/Perceiving (J/P).
    If you're interested,there's a lot more on Wikipedia.

    As for me: ENTP. Though I can be a total ENTJ sometimes.
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    came in at I (48) S (1) T(41) P(1), so i guess I S/N T P/J ?

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    Both ENTJ and INTJ (I've had it professionally measured).

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    If you got the entire forum to respond you'd probably get 80%+ INTJ responses =p

    I'll be the only resident ESTJ on MMOC, too.
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    ISTP, Mostly correct but there are a few things wrong.
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    I'm an ENFP apparently. I can live with that.

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    According to OPs test:

    I am a bit between INFJ and INFP, though.
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    ENTJ. /10chars

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    Good God. I started taking the similarminds one and couldn't finish it. That test is horrible.

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    ISTJ /10 chars

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    I'm skeptical on the websites you posted, I'll enter for the sake of discussion.

    INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.

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    I'm the only one so far...

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    I got INFJ

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    Jung Test Results

    Extroverted (E) 57% Introverted (I) 43%
    Sensing (S) 64% Intuitive (N) 36%
    Thinking (T) 99% Feeling (F) 1%
    Judging (J) 84% Perceiving (P) 16%

    Your type is: ESTJ

    ESTJ - "Administrator". Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. 8.7% of total population.

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    9% Introverted

    9% observant

    65% Feeling

    21% Prospecting

    12% Turbulent

    >.> I'm a Sentinel to >.>

    You are one of the Sentinels - a reliable and dedicated individual who respects traditions and prizes responsibility. You are known for your caring nature, attention to detail and quiet dedication. Above you will find a brief overview of your personality traits - proceed to the type overview to learn much more about your personality type. Prepare to be impressed.
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    INTP was mine.. and its only suppose to be 1% of the population....and i thought i was wait...MMO is perfect for introverts....G i wonder what all the extraverts are doing..o wait they are laughing at people playing computer games cause they are out clubbing with

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    Got ENFJ with only 1% on E, so almost INFJ. When I read about the two I definitely identify more with INFJ, ENFJ seems far from my real personality type while INFJ have some similarities. Either way, I try these types of tests out every few months for kicks, and the results are rather different every time. Results depend a lot how the questions are formulated, I wouldn't put much stock into this to be honest.

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