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    Wonder if you could do Vegeta vs. Piccolo vs. Yamcha vs. Zoro.

    Chris Sabat Free-for-all!
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    I picked Biden because he may throw Obama into the Death Star's reactor core, restoring balance to the Force.

    Now having a ball on SWTOR!

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    ultimate cardio work out

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    Less and bad!?

    its a very low budget film and its already 50 times better than that last piece of crap, give them a break
    Indeed. I actually think it's very good for a fan made film.
    Most of the special effects are quite good, sure they could be better but I expected a lot worse. And the armors and clothing could be better as well, but it's still impressive with their low budget.

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    I wouldn't even say low budget special effects, i'd go as far to say no budget.

    There's videos on youtube of like high school kids in computer tech class with better kamehameha's and the flying looks on par with com tech class as well.
    The costumes are pretty bad too, considering the videos they have about the effort they put into them.

    Good casting though.

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    He also became a Hollywood producer afterwards.

    And a ghost.

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    good guy nappa discovers hercule

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    A live action DBZ Movie will never work... especially low budget! They should rather put the effort and money into a few animated movies.
    What about a movie completely made on the computer like all the pixxar stuff or do you remember the final fantasy movie? A DBZ movie made like this would be awesome!

    But DBZ is simply too old for another big success... the younger people (8-13) like it but there are probably other series they like more, the older people (20-30) who liked DBZ when it was at its peak are now simply too old to go to a cinema and watch such a movie. And the people in the middle maybe don't even know DBZ.

    This new DBZ movie looks rather like a cashcow, i think they wont put much effort into it. The story doesn't look too bad... it's pretty much the plot of every DBZ saga/movie and lots of people like it this way. But most DBZ movies weren't very good so i dont expect this one to rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liebchen View Post
    But DBZ is simply too old for another big success... the older people (20-30) who liked DBZ when it was at its peak are now simply too old to go to a cinema and watch such a movie. .
    I....what? People of that age don't go to movie theaters? I've been...three times this year. Though I wouldn't go to see a DBZ movie. The animated ones should be straight to DVD like they have already been, and a live one better get super special awesome rave reviews before I'd consider it.

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    I go pretty frequently and im in the lower half of the 20-30 bracket.
    I've seen Avengers, Amazing Spiderman, Cloud Atlas, Silver lining, twilight... I think i go 2-4 times a month lol. Half price tuesdays

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    and thats why he blew up the planet

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    Master Roshi; He's real!

    Here is a link with some good dbz artwork too. (some random other stuff too..)
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    Looks like Bils is a nice guy?

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    also why is Ghirahim with bils

    also translte the video!

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    i was just thinking about getting a dbz ps3 game - are there any good ones? ones you can recommend or warn me from?

    Last DBZ game i played was budokai for ps2, something like that with online multiplayer maybe would be good.

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    i only played 1 dbz video game i rented it from block buster YES THAT LONG AGO

    i dunno i never really liked their games

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    Genn stop spoiling the movie, thats obviously Bills teaching them a new form of fusion which in the end they'll use to beat him.

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