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    Quote Originally Posted by Essenji View Post
    Doesn't really look like a Mage set :P It looks like an engineer set ^^' The checkered pattern also looks kinda weird.
    I believe it's meant to be a padded protective overcoat.

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    Sub sub sub marine!

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    I don't mind the look of the set or the idea. But it does seem a bit odd for mages.

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    I like it personally, something different.

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    Set bonus: Mages do 100% additional damage against Deer.

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    Like it alot, but those goggle thing's on the helm I am not digging too much. It throw's off the entire set IMO.

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    Looks like Mages will be able to find others alot easier with them search lights on their heads.

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    That. Is. Awesome.

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    would look great on a gnome mage.

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    Mage that wants to play a submarine!

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    Thank the lords for Transmogrification !!! do not want!

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    Thats fucking brilliant! Blizzard is now free to experiment with tier sets, creating unique looks and if it doesnt look mage enough for someone they can just transmog. But from now on everyone who loves that style can also go back to this look. I never looked at it that way but I hope blizzard takes that chance on more sets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venteus View Post
    Looks hideous, come to think of it - seeing the global summary of mage tier sets, they all look hideous :\.
    You serious? T7 and 7.5 are some of the best looking sets in game IMO ;S.

    OT: I like it honestly. Not the best looking mage set, but nice nonetheless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miralynn View Post
    'Hardcore' raiders remind me of my two-year-old. "Yes, I put it down and I'm not playing with it anymore, but YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT MINE MINE MINE MINE!"

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    And I thought the Warlock set was bad. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krunk View Post
    Anyone else see the name and think "Doctor Who"?

    I was thinking more Naruto.

    Also, the googles, they do nothing!

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    Goggles should be down.

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    I couldn't help but laugh at this xD
    Looks kinda cool, but weird at the same time.

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    As a mage, I like it. It's definitely unique. Like blizzard said, it's not your typical "omg i'm a wizard look at these fireballzzzz" kinda set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venteus View Post
    Looks hideous, come to think of it - seeing the global summary of mage tier sets, they all look hideous :\.
    T5 and T11? Hideous?

    Your taste card has been revoked!
    I'm in the "I don't have an obnoxiously large signature" club.

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