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    poisons on weapons

    Which combo of poisons is best to put on mh, oh and thrown weapon for pve???


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    for combat?
    if so, Instant on a SLOW MH and Deadly on QUICK OH
    Thrown is afaik instant, since if it had to stack deadly, it require to much FoK spam for far too long.
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    I like wound on the thrown since it keeps up savage combat on all targets. no idea if it does more damage than instant, but keeping up savage combat would outweigh any advantage instant has since it buffs your fok damage and all your hunter's multi shot damage.

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    sry forgot to mention I need this advice for mutialte spec for PVE

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    Instant MH Deadly OH for all specs afaik. I haven't played my rogue since WotLK but that's what I know of Assassination and Combat atm. Unsure of sub, but it's probably the same.

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    Instant on main, Deadly offhand, Deadly/utility on trow. ( if u have to run alot u can refresh the stack with a trow )

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    Quote Originally Posted by cronight View Post
    sry forgot to mention I need this advice for mutialte spec for PVE
    Instant Poison Main Hand. Deadly Poison Offhand
    Thrown is Deadly if what you are aoeing will last long enough to reach a 5 stack, and Instant Poison otherwise (most trash is Deadly, rag adds during p2 are instant).

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    well thx a lot to all of you for advice

    cheer !!!

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    I've always done Instant/Deadly/Deadly on my rogue.

    Also, if you haven't already, grab the Poisoner addon from Curse. It's quite handy for Rogues. I mainly like it for its auto-buy on Poisons feature. Makes sure I always keep a full stock (which for me is usually 20 instant and 40 deadly).
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    How's wp/wp for short fights where you can't stack dp to 5? Levelling, questing, 5 man trash etc, etc. Shouldn't it burst more?

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    You don't use instant on your thrown weapon ever as combat. Wound Poison will outdps instant. For combat you only use instant on the main hand because of the deadly poisons mechanics (aka apply your main hand poison after 5 stacks), otherwise you'd also use wound poison there for more damage.
    So, for FoK: Wound if targets live less than 30s, Deadly if targets live longer than 30s.

    For leveling, go with double wound.

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    I'm playing a Rogue at 70, mainly pvping. What poisons would I use then for Sub?
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    Wound/Crippling or Mind-Numbing/Crippling, depending on who you're fighting.

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