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    Human Warlock. Whilst at first I didnt like him so much because I thought the imp was "uncool" and moved to a druid, he soon became my main again.
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    Night Elf Hunter, I met a guy in Shadowglen, He was a roleplayer, he walked about a journey to stormwind. We journeyed, and I lost him in Theramore. a level eight, in theramore. Then I took a boat to Menethil Harbor.. I was in the Wetlands now, I kept running, I went north, as someone told me Stormwind was in Arathi Highlands, I then found a cave, I was dying alot. I ran to the back of the raptor cave in the north east, and died. I deleted the character and made a human paladin.

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    human pala, leveled to like lvl 6, it's still there on a trial account

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    male nightelf hunter called - "nachoman"

    got to about level 20 before i rerolled horde.

    i was watching

    just before i made my character :<
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    My first character ever was a Human Paladin back in Vanilla. Played him until the end of TBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bezoar View Post
    Human Warlock. Whilst at first I didnt like him so much because I thought the imp was "uncool" and moved to a druid, he soon became my main again.

    what made me play druid was just the imps voice! when i played with sound on i played a warlock a warlock until lvel 30 or so just because the imps voice is cool!
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    My first character ever was an Orc Warlock on Kilrogg named Vorlox. I didn't have any other level 60 characters in Vanilla because it took what felt like forever just to get Vorlox to 60. When TBC launched I rerolled Blood Elf, though, after enjoying it in beta. I started just after BWL was patched in.

    I still have quite a few vanilla screenshots:

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    My first character was a night elf rogue during the 10 day trial back in '07, he was terrible, I had him decked out in white gear and was barely able to kill mobs in Westfall (after running him through the wetlands so I could take deeprun to SW). But in January of 2008 I made my second character, a hunter named Hexley (until I had to name change because of a server xfer a little over a year later, wasn't too happy about it) who's been my main ever since. Still wearing his Rugged Trapper's Shirt from creation.

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    night elf warrior named Snowleave in BC. It was the 10 day trial. She had the face Azshara has, short white hair and purple skin. I can't remember server.

    In that 10 day trial I got to see some of my favourite characters. I went to Feathermoon Stronhold in Feralas, went to Remulos in Moonglade, went and visited the Dark Portal, mind you, this on a level 20 char with no mount. Timbermaw tunnel was horrible, back then the graveyard was at the ... what's it called, the oak guys... meh, I forgat Anyway, had to go from there with my ghost. Also went to Winterspring, got to entrance to Hyjal, back then guarded by a succubus, saw the "purple" tigers I saw in pictures about WoW and it was awesome. Also went to Stormwind, Ironforge, Stormgarde and a few more things. Was fun times... which is why I took another trial after lol. And another... then I found out I can buy game cards lol.
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    My first char was an orc warrior that I made in 2007, still have him but I changed to a dk when wrath launched, hes now like level 72 .

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    Human Paladin.
    Its now level 90 and one of my mains.
    I have transferred it across all servers with me.

    Though my acc is inactive atm. :/

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    Dwarf Warrior back in Vanilla and I am still playing on it allthough it has been a Troll, Worgen and now Pandarian and I still enjoy it very much.

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    Human female warrior. I used a 1h and shield to level because I don't like slow two-handers. I put my first talent points into shield block because I had a shield, and the +crit in fury was unattractive because I didn't like leaving things up to chance. Crit was too random for me. I swapped to belf priest to play with friends when my work caused me to not be able to raid with my Alliance guild during t5. Unfortunately my warrior sits at 71 in half leather gear, idling away in an inn in Northrend somewhere. I mostly use her to get faction-specific pets and the like.

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    My first character was a Human Paladin I named Aden... but I hated they started off with Oversized croquet mallets for weapons (and not a two handed sword or sword and shield like a classic paladin) and that their forearms looked like Popeye. So I rolled a Nelf Druid I named Eidolon (kitties ftw) because I liked they could become a black panther. But after about 3 levels, the male models got on my nerves with the gorilla length arms and noses that looked like you could land airplanes on (Yes, appealing aesthetics of a game is very important to me XD ). Since, at the time, I was under the stigma it was bad for guys to play female charis, I refused to roll a druidess instead. So I just stopped playing... until a friend convinced me to roll horde and I made my first serious character. A Tauren Shaman named Samhein.

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    Dwarf Paladin in Beta.

    Then ran with Gnome Warlock called Wizzle, good times.

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    Mine was a Female Human Warlock. I've no idea why I went with warlock as now I can't stand playing a caster lol!

    @Sakashima Those are some awesome screens. Brings back some good memories.

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    Human female Mage during the open Beta. Died a horrible death when the legion invaded Stormwind before retail launch :<
    Rouges are so overpowdered, they keep fainting.

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    Night Elf Huntard (such a rare race/class combo :P ) that I still play, though she's a Gobby now.

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    I started playing at the recommendation of a friend. I made a tauren druid but died to random adds when doing the quest when following the spirit wolf and thought it was too hard. At my friends recommendation I rolled an orc hunter which over the period of about 10 months I got to level 40 (I had stopped playing after about a month and didn't pick up WoW again until much later). When he got to 40 I got TBC, and decided to reroll Belf hunter for some stupid reason. Got that one to 40 and stopped playing the game again. My original friend told me he was playing again alliance (it was early WotLK by this point), so I made another damn hunter (dwarf this time), leveled it to 64, and then made a human Paladin, which became my main and first 80. I never went back to the hunter class.

    Great memories!

    I ended up becoming quite an altoholic in my later WoW playing days. I haven't played since about a month after MoP launched, and before that I hadn't played since Dragon Soul came out in LFR. I quite several times during Cataclysm for weeks or even months at a time. Wouldn't mind giving it a try again now, but I don't think I have the time.

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    belf rogue in TBC- Was so weird

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