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    Terrible. So glad I closed my account.

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    And blizzard stats that there are a lack of tanks.. guess what, a legendary tanking shield or a tanking 2h(staff/pole/axe for druid/dk) will increase the number of tanks, every tank will come rushing to raids or starts gearing themselves in heroics.

    A legendary for 1 specific class.... It's too obvious you are simply trying to promote players to play this least raided class, which will prove to be another failure because tons of people will have valid reasons to complain due to rogues having TF/TB/Bow as their legendaries.

    I'm not going to say anything about the re-hashed new 5mans, because trolls can't resist their urge to post unproductive comments like 'oh this again', when they don't realise its blizzard who rehash stuffs.

    Though I have to point out, Murozond is great and refreshing, other than that, it's Northrend re-hash 'new' 5 mans.

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    I'm disappointed. Where is my new daily quest hub in 4.3? What am i going to grind for vanity pet 160 and mount 130? /sarcasm off

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolo855
    I mean what people on the world did actually complete those 3000 quests ?
    It's like when raids was only for 0.1% of the wow population, but i guess if that had been the case this xpack that wouldn't have counted as content for you am I right ?

    Think before you write about failing. Content is supposed to be accesible and fun for the majority of the wow population and I think only a minority of wow player's acctually completed all those revamped quests.
    So the 1-60 content isn't accessible?

    Everybody can do any of the 1-60 3000 quests, there's no limit barring them from doing it. This is completely different than, for example, original Naxx when only a fraction of the playerbase even stepped foot in there.

    Again, the failure of your post is astounding.

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    All you people complaining about not being able to get tier from valor are what I like to call, "wrathfags" because that's exactly how it was in The Burning Crusade. Live with it. Better then being able to get your RAID TIER PIECES from HEROICS, IMO.

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    ehhhh i guess im still going to have to wait untill gw2 comes out to have a game to play

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    I was hoping the Looking for Raid would let you queue for, at least, both LFR difficulty raids and Normal difficulty raids. That way, you would not have to go through the process of making a PUG if you can't make guild times. I can never guarantee that I'll be there for a guild raid because my schedule is always changing, so I was hoping for at least Normal difficulty raids.Everything else looks really awesome. I can't wait for the new 5 mans. I won't be able to do the Deathwing raid until it becomes PUGable so not so excited for that.Also, everyone knows Blizzard made a bad move with making a Rogue legendary instead of a Tank legendary for obvious reasons.And not being able to get raid tier 13 pieces from Valor? Sucks balls, but I can live with it. The new 5 mans and Fireland PUGs will gear me up enough for Deathwing PUGs once The Dragon Soul is nerfed. Also, I don't like the names of the dungeons or the raid.
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    This... this looks AWESOME. HOLY SHIT DOES IT LOOK AWESOME. Damnit, I love WoW, I love the World, I just wish I wasn't so burnt out. 7 years of playing will do that to a person

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    rogue legendary, first world problems!

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    People that keep posting about this game "going down the toilet" (which from artistic point of view is totaly wrong) realy tickle me funny bone, expecialy since half of the hate comments explane how they arent playing anyway, its just pathetic. Just go play your games, we dont like your fugly comments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    • There will be raid melee buff across the board. The attack power buff will apply more to melee attack power than ranged attack power.
    • Tank rotation changes that are related to survivability won't be in this expansion.
    • Epic gems will drop in the new raid in Normal and Heroic only. Each player gets a geode when a boss is killed which has a small chance to contain an epic gem, most will have rare gems. It is rare enough to take all of 4.3 to replace all of your red rare quality gems with red epic gems.
    • Firelands was nerfed so that players could see the content and continue progression instead of hitting a wall in heroic modes.
    • "Quite a few" new profession recipes will be added.
    • Northrend will require 2/3rd of the experience it does now, making leveling alts faster.
    • Corrupted Ashbringer won't be available for transmogrification from any vendor.
    • Old PvP armor will come back for transmogrification.

    Did anyone catch that? If it is, what I think it is, this will be so good. I'm so down for getting Merciless Gladiator Rogue Gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nehalo View Post
    Scrolling through this thread, I have made an observation: A lot of you are being general asses. Some of you are talking so passionately about your extreme hatred for Greg that the mental images that come to mind are of obese Francis-impersonators frothing at the mouth in anger. 8 innovative encounters, 3 (heroic) dungeons, 2 new features (one of which is low-key, but Transmo. is game changing), Darkmoon revamp, LFR, brand new legendary (Yes, rogues, get over it)... how dare they, right?!

    Relax and take it easy, guys. We don't know much yet, apart from the screenshots (which are fantastic, whole new barren landscapes?! Unique Well of Eternity architecture?!) so be cool.
    I like this guy.

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    Fuck you GC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    So the 1-60 content isn't accessible?

    Everybody can do any of the 1-60 3000 quests, there's no limit barring them from doing it. This is completely different than, for example, original Naxx when only a fraction of the playerbase even stepped foot in there.

    Again, the failure of your post is astounding.
    You sure like saying "the failure of ___ is astounding" but I have yet to see you actually reply to any contentions to your posts at all. Rudumb, brah?

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    rogue legendary.. the least deserving class... gets another legendary.

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    Hey Chaud, you should fix one of the summary notes that states that "melee classes will be getting a buff that is only active in the new raid to help them compete with ranged classes", as this is not accurate. The blue states that they will be buffing raid BUFFS that affect melee AP.

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    /golf clap on pissing off 90% of the WoW community on a rogue only legendary "One of the problems with tanking weapons is that our tanks use very different weapons so we could say “Well this legendary weapon is going to be for the Warrior and Paladin and hopefully we’ll get to the Death Knight and Druid someday in the future”. With all the talk about a legendary weapon that transforms “you could have a 2-handed version or a 1-handed version”, too much of that I think starts to suck away what is really special about the legendary when it can turn into all these different things."So your solution to not making a tank legendary is to make a one class only legendary because they arent special? Thunderfury??? Glaives???? Bow??? Do you have a Rogue blow up doll at home GC?Lots of derps working at blizz

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    3 new dungeons in CoT sounds great, but are there alot players going to do those while there is a new Looking for Raid tool with beter drops

    maybe the lfr tool will be designed like lfd and you need to be a certain ilvl before you can enter lfr meaning that you must complete the new dungeons a few time to get to the illv min for lfr.

    and the rogue legendary:
    vanilla: staff all casters, thunderfury: tanks rogues, sulfurion hammer : melee eg warrior pally
    TBC : warglaives rogue warrior bow hunter rogue warrior
    wrath : mace: healers shadowmourn melee class eg warrior dk pally

    to me it seems druids have been left out more than others in legendaries maybe a polearm for feral would suffice
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    I QQ at QQers who QQ about people QQing

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    Quote Originally Posted by some dude
    There will be raid melee buff across the board.
    Score one for the melee team, yeeehaw!
    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

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    If the legendary would have been for any other specific class (pending melee druids), you idiots would have been just as mad because it wasn't for *your* class. Enough is enough. T-fury was a sword...yes I remember seeing 1 rogue with it in my entire raiding career. Warglaives, I saw a few combat rogues wielding these more warriors though.

    Now if I played a druid, I could understand that a staff or pole-arm would seem to be the logical choice for Blizzard. However, the Rogue has never had a true Legendary of their own (like the rest of the melee, on multiple legendary weapons). They mentioned it would be a more specific legendary and this is where they started.

    I don't play a Rogue, I don't play a druid. I like this idea and I hope the quests takes the Rogues on my server back to Ravenholt, I hope they have to stealth/sap their way back into some impossible stronghold, I hope it's awesome. Get over it. Just because it wasn't a *insert your class here* legendary doesn't warrant this ridiculous hate and nerd rage.

    Over It
    /rant off

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