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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohhai View Post
    Probably been said...

    <name>, Slayer of Deathwing. Nope! Just Chuck Testa with another realistic dragon!
    Haha, you sir, just earned yourself a seal of approval!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qauren View Post
    Worldbreaker <Name>.

    Would be badass. I can dream.
    Yes please!! Heroic only title of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactis View Post
    This was probably the best one i read, I would have said <The Dragonslayer>

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    lawl. very funny.
    Sinestra is Dragonslayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrow Stilborne View Post
    <name> the Lost.

    OT: <name>, Warden of Azeroth
    or <name>, Aspect's Fall.
    I somewhat like Aspect's fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manyformz View Post
    Avenger of the Five Flights, it says it on the PTR achievement
    I am American mentally, with Japanese tendencies.

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    'Worldbreaker <name>', 'Harbinger <name>' or possibly '<name>, Cataclysm's Ruin'... something with a little zest. 'Avenger of the Five Flights' just sounds bland.

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    <Name> the Dragon King

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    <Name>, Defender of the Wompan Frostfart

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    Avenger of the Five Flights sounds rather lame, but when you think about it more, it's actually pretty awesome.
    Rairu - Mage

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    (Name), Death's Demise

    Oh wait I already have that one!


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    Maybe start a list of name they probably wont use. Pretty sure they will not use the following words in the title.
    King, defender, twilight, black wing or bane, dragon slayer, vanquisher, Defender of.

    I'd have to go with World breaker as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakedninja1991 View Post
    <name> Savior of Azeroth
    We have a winner!

    Edit: lots of people posted it, but this guy was first.
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    <name> Dragonslayer V2.0

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