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    Fairy Tail.

    What would you guys call the type of pants Natsu wears from fairy tail? they look really cool.

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    Flood pants that have been tied below the knee for some strange reason.

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    They look like sinbad's pants, and searching it brought up this:

    But I don't know if there's a legit stylistic name for them.

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    White Ninja Pants
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    Hmmm many answers. i want to buy a pair soo bad.
    and that link you linked was in the womens section lol.

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    genie pants are for genies, not yoga instructors.
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    Is he wearing an apron?

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    You could probably find someone who makes cosplay costumes and commission them to make you some?

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    What would I call them?


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    Capri pants, a couple sizes too small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilcheeks View Post
    Capri pants, a couple sizes too small.
    Nothing says manly like capri pants! Although those are skin tight I thought, his look baggy.

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