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    Do you have pets?

    Does anyone here not have pets?
    I've been surrounded my entire life by animals, birds, dogs, fish, rodents you name it. (Everything except cats, ew.)

    I currently have 3 dogs, a cockatiel, 100 fish spread over 3 tanks (3-spot gouramis, several neon and penguin tetras, an angelfish, corys, platys and LOTS of guppys who breed like rabbits in their planted tank and planning to get a pair of kribensis soon. Nobody has them anywhere) and a West African Rainbow Crab with his own 1.2m tank to run around in, which is half water half sand.

    I finally got the community (300 liter or 75 gallon angel/corys/tetras/gouramis/platys) tank to look super clear. What I found was that Philipi sand keeps all the extra flakes in the open so the corys and other fish can grab leftovers. After the dust cleared from putting in sand it looked absolutely perfect. Just recently switched from rocky gravel and wont be going back. You know those fish tanks on Youtube that looks so awesome and make you jealous? That's how mine looks now

    Guppies got their own 60L/15gal tank which was my experimental sand tank before I switched from gravel to sand in the 75g. They made lots of babies and I had to get an extra tank for them lol. 16 adults and 50-60 fry at the moment!

    Anyway, I got sidetracked there. Do you have pets? If not, tell us why!
    If you do, tell us about them and post pics if you want.

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    Moved to fun stuff.

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    No, I don't have any pets. I had a pet though. Got my own cat when I was 4, had to put him to sleep 10 months ago at the age of 17. This house was his, not planning to get a new pet anytime soon.

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    I have always had pets around me while growing up, from Fish tanks, to cats. I recently tore down my 20 gallon (long) reef tank which i had for about 1 year. Ended up moving and have not had the chance to get another tank up and going again. Here are two pics in its early stages the tank homed 4-6 turbo snails, 6 cleaner crabs, two ocellaris clownish, and 1 rose bubble tip anemone with a bunch of other smaller end corals and such.

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    I do not because I live somewhere I am not allowed to have pets... not even fish. However, as soon as I move I am getting a dog

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    <3 my 2 Australian Shepherds

    Tonka and Lucy

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    Some pics of mine too!

    My budgie that passed away exactly a year ago when I was on vacation and far, far away from home

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    That's a lot of fish o.O

    Well I have a cairn terrier named Amadeus. He's the apple of my eye <3 But he has got diabetes a year ago, so he needs to be injected with insulin twice a day.
    Besides him, I'm taking care of my sister's chihuahua Luis, while she's overseas as an exchange student.
    My sweet little dog on the left, and my sister's semi-retarded creature on the right.

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    Two degus. Technically, they're my boyfriend's pets since he wanted and bought them, though I ended up taking care of them for the most part (feeding/cleaning cage/changing water). I don't mind them being here, though I don't really know how to interact with them properly or how to play with them (prior to this I never had pets myself).
    I don't even know why exactly he bought them to be honest, but whatever. At least it's not a dog or something bigger/more active.
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    I do not have any pets, but I would like a cat and a dog.
    The main problem is that if you go away somewhere someone else need to take care of your pets. Since I live in Denmark while my family live in Sweden, I go back and forth quite a lot. A dog you could bring on the train, but I don't think I have the commitment for a dog right now. A cat isn't an animal you bring everywhere and I would feel bad if I let it be home alone for more than a day or two, even with pleanty of food.

    Also animals are extra expences, which has held me back most.

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    Yes. A bulldog. He is nearly blind

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    Yep; five shelties, two cats, one african fat-tailed gecko and one guinea pig.

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    I've got two cockatiels, the most evil birds you'll ever find.
    Always watching... Waiting. They're plotting my demise as we speak.

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    I have two cats, before then I had a bird. I've also briefly had a bunny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Genganger View Post
    That's a lot of fish o.O
    Yup. Once you start you can't go back.
    That one guy at the pet shop just had to be nice to me and give me 3 guppies for free when I was a kid. He thought they would die. Those 3 guppies turned into 300 pretty quickly. That's where it all started Anyway, planning to get a 200L custom built version of this:

    For the guppies, since once the fry get big... 50 guppies each having just 5 babies each... plus the ones I have now, LOL.

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    Tiny little cute german sheppard :P I used to have a cat who ran away and then a rotveiler too but he had to be put down because of cancer and he went into a coma in the end and didn't come out of it. I still cry sometimes when I think about him and how he was as a puppy and cried so loudly that I could hear him half way to bus stop when I went to school.
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    Well, I had a hamster, but he died on Wednesday So no, not at the moment.

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    I have a Maltese. Here he is.

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    I have 1 dog, cairne(?) terrier and a hamster. Damn dog is a loud one, every time someone walks past the window he just has to bark at them even long after they are gone

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    I have 2 German Shepherds, 1 Bulldog, 3 Cats, and a kid. (what? the kid makes a bigger mess than the dogs!:P)

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