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    I have to brush my teeth every morning, i hate leaving home without unbrushed teeth.

    And i brush my teeth at night (around 6pm-8pm) when i have my shower after dinner so yeah.

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    Normally more than 2 a day.

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    when I wake up and when I go to bed, or whenever I drink soda, yeeeeep.

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    If I'm heading out somewhere I'll brush my teeth first, and again before I go to sleep. If I'm just having a lazy day its just once at night

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    of course, i hate going out without brushing after breakfast, just feels dirty, and i hate going to bed without brushing. so always twice a day for me.

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    I usually do twice a day but half the time i just fall asleep to early are wake up to late and completely forget. Not to mention on days off everything completely goes to shit, not just dental care.
    I just kinda hate thinking about my teeth, I have crowding and enamel problems (Side effects from medication i took when i was a younger) which as much as i brush and floss aren't going anywhere. My teeth look really fucked and i hope to get some kind of thing to fix it someday. So annoying looking like a bogan just by opening my mouth, You'd be amazed by the little things people stereotype by straight away.
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    Every morning and every night!

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    semi-thorough brushing in the morning just to clean the mouth, and the days i eat before i leave for work.

    brush at night to clean the shit out
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    Quote Originally Posted by llDemonll View Post
    semi-thorough brushing in the morning just to clean the mouth, and the days i eat before i leave for work.

    brush at night to clean the shit out
    cleaning shit out of your mouth must be tuff, i'm sorry to hear you have to do that ;(

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    At least twice a day, sometimes even after I eat....I can't stand the feeling of stuff inbetween my teeth.

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    99% of the time I do. Only time I don't is if I'm to exhausted to brush them at night

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    I brush 3 times...

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    no...i brush my teeth and floss(flossing every 2 days) before i go to bed, i wake up have my "breakfest" and use mouthwash

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    Of course. 1 Time after morning shower and 1 time after evening shower.

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