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    Unholy dk vs Frost dk

    Everyday i do bgs and arena with my frost dk friend and we have the same gear and similar skill, and i myself is unholy spec. The frost dk pulls over 5 million dmg in bgs while i pull 3-4 million and his kbs are like 20+ while mine are 5+ . In arena he always tops the dmg even if he doesnt try, while i pop all of my cds and still barley top the charts.I feel that frost is still better than unholy reguardless of 20% strength buff. If i try to go frost, i'll suck at it alot, idk how to time the cds and etc. Idk which spec to pick honestly...

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    Sounds like you just suck. Here's a suggestion, ditch WoW and just switch to studying semiconductors. It's more useful.

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    I'm pretty sure which spec should I play threads aren't allowed. But anyway, Frost has incredible burst damage, while Unholy has more of a ramp up type damage. I don't really know much about pvp but in pve, the two specs are generally around 1-2k apart with equivalent gear. Frost's damage is more dependent on RNG than Unholy's is, so your damage is going to be more consistent fight to fight; whereas your friends DPS usually can vary (sometimes a little sometimes a lot on thos unlucky pull) more.

    If you want to play frost, but don't know how, GO LEARN HOW. Simple as that.

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    Few things for this
    1: As an unholy dk, you have a bit of ramp-up time before you can start doing some serious damage. Frost DK's have very little ramp up time in order to do a good amount of damage.
    2: You are very pet reliant. Pets can be easily killed/slowed/snared ect. Nothing you can do about that.
    3: Frost Dk's deal more damage to targets low on health, thus helping them score a killing blow. You have nothing like that.

    Now, if you are caring about total damage done, or killing blows in ANY BG, you are doing it wrong. The most important individual in a BG isnt going to be the rogue slaughtering players out in the fields, and running when the going gets tough, rather, its gonna be the prot warrior who sits on the base for a good 3 mins, before single handedly holding off 3 ppl until reinforcements arive. BGs is all about objectives, and the way you can fulfill the objective is mainly through spamming Necrotic Strike on the Flag Carrier so the other dps can down him.
    Now, the best place for you to do damage is in the middle of an AoE fest. Put up diesease, and start spreading them.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    What you need to understand is that Necrotic Strike's absorption stacks don't count towards damage done. As an Unholy Death Knight, you can pump out tons and tons more Necrotic Strikes and that way you can set up easy kills for other people (like your Frost DK friend). Damage done isn't important at all in arena or battlegrounds.

    Unholy isn't bad in PvP, but I wouldn't suggest playing it in battlegrounds because you just need the quick burst damage there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    Unholy isn't bad in PvP, but I wouldn't suggest playing it in battlegrounds because you just need the quick burst damage there.
    Thats just retarded, unholy dks should be able to freely do w/e they want and just have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefkow View Post
    Thats just retarded, unholy dks should be able to freely do w/e they want and just have fun.
    Then just play unholy and stop worrying about meters.

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    Frost is currently better than unholy in most situations. If you want to play what does best play frost, if you want to play what is the most fun, then pick w/e you want and stop worrying about your damage compared to your friends damage. They have nothing to do with eachother.

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    frost is better for BGs
    unholy is better for the most arena combs
    but unholy is very hard to play you need to get you pet transformed/death runes/other CDs to burst.
    also there is no class that can do so much dmg(not burst but overall) than frost dk in bg if you get healed i normally have 8mio the second 4-6 mio in rated

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