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    Bah I forgot to fraps my own H Baleroc 25 kill from last night, parsed at #4

    (All these vid links will be updated in a few hours!)

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    Updated and made it prettier!

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    Its a bit old already but here it goes:

    Prot PoV, Rhyolith heroic 10 man watch?v=MME6ycXmLOw

    Cant post links yet tho

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    Woah! Had no idea this existed.
    Here's all protection warrior fraps. All 25man heroic.

    Heroic Shannox

    Heroic Lord Rhyolith

    Heroic Beth'tilac

    Heroic Baleroc, the Gatekeeper

    Heroic Alysrazor

    Heroic Majordomo Staghelm

    Heroic Ragnaros
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    Updated. Thanks for the links!

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    Thank You!! Love the list.

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    Whenever I remember to FRAPS I can provide an Arms PoV for Heroic Ragnaros.

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    Updated, and looking forward to seeing your Heroic Ragnaros video!

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    25H-Rag Fury - , needs a re-render, ETA 2 days
    25H-Domo Arms -
    25H-Baleroc Arms -

    Both arms were done before I was bothering with stance dancing, assuming I can ever get a Sulfuras I'll be playing arms full time and re-capturing a fair few of these. I have beth/Ryo/Aly on my HD somewhere I believe, let me know if you'd like me to put them up.

    All of these atm are progression kills, jk domo was the 2nd after they fixed the pet tanking bug I think.
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    Will update in a few hours. Also going to add the placeholder for the new Dragon Soul bosses. Please post up any PTR Fury Warrior videos and include the PTR build number.

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    Here it is!

    Ragnaros Heroic 10 as an Arms Warrior! Only took me a little less than 2 months to FRAPS the shit.

    EDIT: Wtf? Forum bugging out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeley View Post
    Soooo, this thread is dead?
    Never! I shall contribute my Heroic Ragnaros first kill vid!

    This is 10 man Heroic Ragnaros with me playing my tank offspec! I only see 1 other 10man H Rag vid so... I guess multiple ones would be neat =)

    It includes Vent, music, game sounds (Yes I know they can be annoying but I like them!) and nerd screams... well more like yelling. It was much quicker on 10 but still a nice challenge!


    Would any little make shift video be fine for the Dragonsoul part for now? I'm actually putting up Yor'sajh 10, Bouncy ball 10 and Ultraxion 10 while I'm sleeping. I'm actually not sure if I should use the Ultraxion one because I die twice due to that 10second insta kill debuff -_- that made me feel stupid and useless! They also include vent and a little background music.
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    If someone makes a t13 thread I got some videos from me as fury and my guilds tank warr pov from ptr

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    Awesome thread. Might start frapsing myself when I get new PC (won't happen before 4.3 though :/ )

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    Sorry! Been quite busy lately (Blame Skyrim and PTR!) I will actually update this thread in the next few hours. Also going to be adding a Tier 13 section, will try to get mods to change the thread title.

    As for PTR videos feel free to send them and I will upload them, but however include the current Build Date of the PTR. When release hits I'll move the PTR videos to an archived section.

    Edit: Updated first post.

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-13 at 03:48 PM ----------

    <3 you Mest!

    Also, as a note when 4.3 is released any Tier 12 video posted afterwards will not be added.

    For Tier 13 videos, I will try to keep track of the nerfs Blizzard does to DS and tag the videos appropriately to the respective Nerf/Hotfix. How I envision this, is create a small DS Hotfix changelog with the date of the hotfix. An example would look like:

    Sinnermighty - 25H Ultraxion Dec.17th Nerf

    and at the bottom of the thread for reference:
    Dragon Soul Hotfix/Nerf List:
    Dec 13th: Heroic Spine, Amalgamations hit 15% less harder when they reach 9 stacks
    Dec 17th: Heroic Ultraxion 25, HP value has been reduced to 280 million.

    This is mainly so people know which kind of Fight version they are watching.
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    Ultraxion 10man N - Swaggah Fury Warrior

    Hagara 10man H - Ryian Prot Warrior

    Both from previous build, not sure which one that is

    Just from your erryday guild
    Wasn't allowed to edit in my pov, prolly because most people don't like my dubstep music

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    Loads of DS videos coming from me when it releases, kinda cba to fraps old FL now :b

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quenios View Post
    Loads of DS videos coming from me when it releases, kinda cba to fraps old FL now :b
    Good, I want to see your new amazing editing skills from UOIT :P

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