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    RBG FC questions


    So, I've finished my hunter and rogue full 550 for the season, so I'm going to try another char out. and I figure FC is something that's always needed.

    1, Is there a standout FC class at the moment? I have everything at 90 so I can play whatever.

    2, In terms of gearing, given the fact we have base resi %, am i better off in PVE tank gear? or still the 550 pvp?

    3, Gemming for RBG's, would it just be pure Stam? to soak as much as possible with the 50% dmg increase?


    couldn't find a reliable updated guide so thought I'd ask here!

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    1. Guardian druid

    2. Full pvp gear

    3. best ask here - http://www.arenajunkies.com/forum/15-druid/

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