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    Quote Originally Posted by rugaru View Post
    Twin Peaks(only do yourself a favour and watch only season 1!).
    Pssht! If they watch only season one, they won't find out who killed Laura Palmer!

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    I enjoy 'real' series shows that are actually have a sense of belife and I really hate cheesy series, along with that if it is a comedy they have to be all out funny!

    My list:

    House MD
    The Office
    Burn Notice
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Law and Order: SVU&CI

    Those series are actually enjoyable and none of them are 'cheesy' or feel 'fake'.

    I really hate scrubs, Sex and the City, Are we there yet, V, Las Vegas, Friends, Two and a half men, Meet the browns, George Lopez, Lopez Tonight...I really...really hate those types of series there not funny at all and I hate the stupid laughs after every terrible joke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinorityMe View Post

    This is the last thread I can handle for the night. there is more to life than flashy images on a computer/tv screen. The fact that you are reaching out to a public forum for "TV advice" is just depressing. /sigh

    Seems everyone else is on board with you so Im the odd one out.. Thank God. I'm going to make sweet sweet love to my girlfriend for hours.. later
    I'm a real nerd that loves watching flashy images on my screen, I'm going to make sweet sweet love to my boyfriend for hours.. later!

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    gunna add a few more, mostly to mess with Minority

    Mythbusters: it's been mentioned in here before but it's TOO funny, and fairly educational
    Xena: Lesbians and amazons fighting badguys with terrible makeup? YES PLEASE
    Dr Who: David Tennant ftw, but Amy is HOT so I don't mind the new series
    Torchwood: almost beats Dr Who, which is a new thing for a spinoff

    and then just to recommend them again, because they're just THAT good
    Farscape: greatest show EVER
    Battlestar Galactica(new version): 2nd greatest show ever, best music I've seen in a TV show (Bear McCreary is a GOD)
    Firefly: Fuck you Fox, how the hell did this show get cancelled before it even got ONE full series, and Buffy got freakin eight....

    then just for the lolz...
    series I HATE
    How I met your mother
    Two and a Half Men
    any kind of 'Reality' TV
    any kind of 'Talent' show
    any soap
    anything staring Ricky 'I used to be fat, then moved to the states and now I'm skinny' Gervais
    fucking Legend of the Fucking Seeker: Why Terry, why do you want to hurt me? Making a TV series of your amazing book series, then filling it with pretty people who can't act, and changing everything about it that made the books good...

    series that Aren't out yet, but are going to ROCK when they come out.
    A Game of Thrones: made by HBO and based on the first book in George R.R. Martin's EPIC Song of Ice and Fire, it's been described by people who've seen testers/people in the show as the Soprano's but set in Middle Earth, what's not to love?
    Reading A Song of Ice and Fire is like playing with an adorable puppy, then someone comes up out of nowhere, shoots the puppy and punches you in the face.

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    A Game of Thrones: made by HBO and based on the first book in George R.R. Martin's EPIC Song of Ice and Fire, it's been described by people who've seen testers/people in the show as the Soprano's but set in Middle Earth, what's not to love?
    Sounds promising. :3
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    How i meet your mother
    Sons of Anarchy
    Lie to Me
    Mad Men

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    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    How I met your Mother
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    I really enjoyed 24, criminal minds, prison break, and arrested development
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    Community, chuck, scrubs, how i met your mother, that 70's show, legend of the seeker, south park, simpsons family guy. And especially Community, it will keep you laughing constantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallace42 View Post

    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Arrested Development

    Two of the best comedy series you will find, period.
    never heard off them... so they cant be that good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    never heard off them... so they cant be that good
    I've heard of both, seen neither. I've heard Curb your enthusiasm is really good though

    Arrested Development was axed, which makes me think that it's good. They're usually very good but they can't pull in the viewer numbers whilst garbage comedy lives on.

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    How i met your mother
    married with children
    2 and a ½ men
    Legend of the seeker
    Family guy
    The big bang theory
    According to Jim
    prison break
    Burn Notice
    American Dad
    stargate sg1
    stargate atlantis
    True Blood

    thats pretty much ever serie i am/have watched AND LOVED
    or did i miss any O_o?

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    These are the shows I follow rigorously (in no particular order):

    House, Dexter, The big bang theory, True Blood, Two and a half men, The walking dead, The IT crowd, South Park

    I watch the following whenever I stumble across them on TV, I enjoy them somewhat but not enough to DL and start watching all episodes:
    All three CSI, Grey's anatomy, Scrubs, Family Guy, Simpsons

    How I met your mother gets an honorable mention as well, this one would be up on list#1 if I discovered it earlier, I don't have the time to catch up on 4-5 seaons anymore due to uni and other priorities, I watch enough shows as it is :P

    Edit* Oz gets an honorable mention as well, it was one of the best during the time it aired.
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    Blackadder and 'allo 'allo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oopsies View Post
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    I forgot that one^^. Love that show!
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    I just caught Being Human last night and I really enjoyed it.

    Aside from that its

    The Walking Dead

    and occasionally True Blood.
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    The IT Crowd is an amazing show too, personally I find it better than the big bang theory. you can stream it on netflix

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    Stargate SG1
    True Blood

    Star Trek - TNG if you wanna go old school My hubby and I are re-watching these atm

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    - Lost
    - How I Met Your Mother
    - Two And A Half Men
    - Mad Men

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    How i Met your Mother
    Dexter (Obviously Dexter Morgan, but Dexter's Laboratory is also great.)
    South Park
    Malcolm in The Middle (Series stopped, but friggin awesome anyway)

    That's primary the shows i wanna watch, and all of them can be viewed on the internet for free. Most of them just require Megavideo, so you might wanna look up one of those free guides to not rage at the 72 minute watched, wait 30 min plox.

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