Age Of Extinction is the new addition to the transformers series some spoilers for the movie..

[SPOILERS]This movie felt like a sendoff to Michael Bay, Idk but it makes me think he wants to move on after this one, and seems like they’re trying to take this franchise into new directions. Micheal Bay made sure any director who comes in after him has material to work with for sequels. The ending really sets up the franchise in a way, that makes me really excited. It might explore the cosmos of the transformers universe, and they tease the possibility of future movies with NO humans!!!

I like how this movie made Optimus more emotional, how he felt the deaths of his friends. He’s no longer the self righteous hero, that too willingly throws his trust to anybody. He was burned by humanity and you saw the autobots saying, “forget them”. The movie leaves him in a position where he’s doubting everything he knew about cybertron and his own origins. Plus lockdown implied that there’s more to the universe than of course earth, more species and more bounty hunters like him. So I felt this movie was very much like Amazing spider man 2, because it tried to juggle multiple storylines and open up the universe to more possibilities. It can go anywhere from here, and I consider that a succcess.[/SPOILERS]

Goofs : During filming in Hong Kong, there were hundreds of onlookers watching from nearby buildings and parking garages. After filming a huge explosive scene, Michael Bay used his megaphone to address people watching from on to of a building across the way: “You guys think you’re going to wait up there and be in my movie? You’re gonna get digitally erased!”