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    What's your Discipline Priest maximum damage?

    "^^ shush if it is possible that disc can pull off these numbers then we better stop talking about it or we will get a nerf."

    Since I wrote how to do it and read that message, you have a point so I deleted it.
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    How exactly?
    In dungeons I'll just do the Holy Fire>Smite>Smite>Smite and pop Power Infusion in bosses and nothing else. Managed maybe around 10ks, but not a lot more.

    Edit: Also with glyph and everything.

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    Halfus or you are lying.

    EDIT to stay on topic, I've sustained 12k on non-gimmick fights.

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    O_o..erm yeah, I'd also like to know how you got to those numbers.

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    "Yea, I did 40k dps as disc while flying on Alicerazor lolz XD"

    22k, nah, not happening.

    Doing around 13-14kish

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    Quote Originally Posted by eErike View Post
    "Yea, I did 40k dps as disc while flying on Alicerazor lolz XD"
    Nice! I haven't had a chance to do a barrel roll yet, I gotta get up there!
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    ~12k on a heroic dummy :/

    just rolling dots with Holy fire > smite spam. PI and fiend on CD
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    Link the logs

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    User was infracted for this post ~ Ultima
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    On a shorter fight like for example Coren Direbrew currently, i can do about 18k or so if i use DPS trinkets and dump all my cooldowns. That's with the luck of the draw bonus though.

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    A max DPS Disc rotation is more than HF->Smite till HF off CD->HF. You need to add in DoTs under BT and mix in penance outside of HF DoT. But, outside of great RNG on crit, I don't see 22k sustained happening at all, nor a 35k spike for 30sec. Without logs, though, it's tough to analyze.

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    I suppose he could have been mindsearing or something, but those numbers aren't very impressive in that case :P

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    Well not counting PI + BT + mind sear on large packs which is = to around 60k dependent on the group at most I would say 10k mainly rolling; Holy fire, mind spike 3x, blast, penance, death.

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    I'd do 13k-ish in fl on my priest with avg ilvl 382.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pvpKILLSwow View Post
    I had just about all the buffs I can think of. FM, DI, shammy totems, food buff, flask, have a trinket on use that gives spell power, the other trinket a proc so they go off about the same time, lightweave, power torrent, potion, power infusion, heroism. .
    These don't stack...

    Also what fight was this on and do you have logs to prove it?
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    ^^ shush if it is possible that disc can pull off these numbers then we better stop talking about it or we will get a nerf.

    I guess it would be possible to pull of high numbers for a limited time but as a healer class I wouldn't think we would have the mana regen capabilities to sustain us for an entire fight so we are basically limited to a short burst that over all for an entire fight wouldn't really count as much, unless your wiping at 1%.
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    holy/disc dps in TK with moonkin buff and pala aura a long time ago ( and t4 2pc )

    you couldnt touch that

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    Closing this embarrassing thread.

    pvpKILLSwow decided to delete all his posts. Don't do this again.
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