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    Early Thoughts on Dominon Live Release

    Pretty much just the thread title. Personally, I'm a bit "meh" on it so far. A few champions are too well tuned to the "capture and hold" aspect of the game. Discuss what improvements you'd make below!

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    What are your thoughts about this new game style?

    Whilst I think it's fun and fast paced (no more waiting 10+ mins before the action begins), I think it's carried by melee champs :s

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    didn't see this post when i created mine!

    I think it's carried alot by akali and such.

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    Having a lot of fun with it so far but my main is Yi so I'm a bit biased. The faster pace is a very welcome change to the hour-long classic games.
    I just hope the fix some balancing issues (lol Rammus) prior to releasing a ranked mode.
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    I finally can play twitch without too much hate.

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    I really enjoy this game mode, especially because it's 15-20 minutes of non-stop action.
    But, I too, feel that melee champions, who can take more hits than squishy casters, are at a advantage..
    Jax, Akali and Pantheon are just pure awesomeness in Dominion, in my opinion.
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    My usual is Rammus, so this new game mode works wonders for me. Ghost -> Powerball -> speed boost platforms and I go off like a bullet! I could see the disadvantage this map has for ranged, however some clever use of shrub kiting around the backside of the points has made for some killer ranged tactics.

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    Wouldn't say carried by melee D: Rammus gets insanely strong early and I've met one 3/3 games so far =/ going to try out Ezreal when I get home thought.

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    im really enjoying the new game type, i play annie and fiddlesticks(im quite new to the game and dont have any other champs) i still seem to do good, i like how its real fast paced
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    It's really limited when it comes to champion selection, but it's just pure awesome. (Also, I don't mind, mots of my favourite champions work really well in Dominion). I wouldn't agree with OP that it's carried by melees, as champions such as Nidalee, Ezreal and Heimerdinger are really good for Dominion.

    I usually play Akali, Nidalee, Ezreal, Pantheon or Riven :>

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    I feel like the problem with it is that the game was originally balanced around the idea of team play and team fights. A few red-headed step child champs soared at 1v1 but did only okay in team fights. These children are now gods of Dominion and we all bow to their presence. I'm not a fan of that, because it limits my champion selection quite extensively. For example, I won't play champions like MF, Ashe, and squishy ranged ad that needs their hand held, ect. Thats because I can't always rely on having a support/tank/whatever to assist me.

    It also favours champions who are balanced around short cooldowns. Any champion with longer cooldowns is at a pretty steep disadvantage.

    I don't see Dominion being very competitive (I could be wrong!) as it is right now; but its a nice change of pace at least.[COLOR="red"]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigapants View Post
    My usual is Rammus, so this new game mode works wonders for me. Ghost -> Powerball -> speed boost platforms and I go off like a bullet! I could see the disadvantage this map has for ranged, however some clever use of shrub kiting around the backside of the points has made for some killer ranged tactics.
    I've seen people use this to quickly get to the other side, put a ward up and have the entire team teleport over to you for a full-on surprise teamfight. It's won many games for me and my friends atleast.

    Melee carries really do seem to excell at this mode, which is why I don't play it too often.

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    I'm not really keen on it (I call it derpminion for a reason . It's good for those times when you don't have the time to do a full 5v5 game.

    But when I did play it. I played Janna - Built Abyssal Scepter, Zhonyas, Frozen heart, GA. Was so awesome defending one tower solo against 2-3 people

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    I really like it! You get the action directly which is awesome.

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    At first look I wasn't really interested in playing, but when a few friends invited me for a game I found it to be surprisingly enjoyable. It requires a lot more of real time strategy thinking and promotes thinking outside the box both for the uses of your champion and what the enemy can do against you. I think the best feature they included is the ability to turn the game around no matter how far down you are, knowing you have a chance to win down to the last hit point of your nexus.

    The map does seem to favor tanky DPS champions, but not to the point that everyone picks them. I don't think the map relies as heavily on champion picks as it does in playing the map correctly, it's nice to have some ranged champions as well as maybe champions with high mobility. They can all be worked around into a working strategy.
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    I'm loving the fuck out of Dominion, at the moment. It's incredibly quick, it's a lot more ferocious; it's like a big free-for-all with an overarching goal. In all honesty, I don't really think champion compatibility was a HUGE concern for initial release because in-house testing doesn't involve crafty players coming up with crazy ways to play champions that break the game mode. When people figure out builds that absolutely fuck every one's day, then I'm sure they'll look into it. If you're having trouble countering particular champs though, I would suggest going Draft mode and attempting to have them banned. It worked for my friends and I when we got tired of having Rammus charge all over the map like a mother fucker.

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    Here's my thoughts on Dominion as a whole.

    Select Rammus

    Win Game

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    It certainly is different from what we were used to, that's why a lot of people fail horribly at it. I like the fact about it, that it doesn't display the kill/death/assist score and that it's fast enough to prevent all the "feeder" "ks" flaming.

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    I really like Dominion, quick games and I find I can do well on any character I play, usually rank first on my team/game and I find its easier to make a good come back once you get team work!

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    FYI, I merged the two Dominion discussion threads for the sake of simplicity. Multiple discussions about similar things are cool, just try not to have two discussions about the same thing going on in different threads, it makes panda's cry.

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