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    I don't play League because...

    The matches, they are too LONG!

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    Its saltier than wow, hots and overwatch combined. Also, i dislike the whole summoner level thing.

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    Because it's not a good game. LoL is to gaming what radio pop is to music. It's shit that sells but everybody who knows their shit are aware it's not a good product.

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    America, you great unfinished symphony.

    This guy.
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    It's not super fun solo like it is with friends and that game was really trying our friendship... especially ranked. I've gotten over salty/rage mode and almost certain I could pick it up again without regressing back but I just don't have an interest to. I haven't played in 2 years so I'm super behind on the general meta.

    Maybe I'll return someday /shrug

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    Because people like this guy (and a few others I had the pleasure to talking to on MMO-Champion) are unfortunately real.

    Quote Originally Posted by jakeic View Post
    Without going into too much detail, let me just say this is stupid. D3+ is like 4000 people, so your argument is that the person ranked at 4000th on the ladder is indistinguishable from the guy at the 400,000th spot, which I know people never smurf so we have no way of knowing if a diamond player could win in the silver bracket. Maybe think things through before you respond. But kudos on parroting people playing in the top 200.
    People know very little about the game and getting back at high elo would require 200 games I really don't want to play with such people. So I went into analyzing for pro/semi-pro teams and a bit of personal coaching and made bank.

    I'm much less upset about people being garbage at the game since they started paying me 10$ to get told to play Ignite Ghost Darius and how to combo Jax's 3rd hit+W+Sheen+Q properly :^)

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    Quote Originally Posted by A dot Ham View Post

    This guy.
    Oh please.

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    I don't play league because people are so salty I feel my blood pressure rising just by being in a game.

    Of course there are salty players in any multiplayer game but I haven't come across nearly as many in games like Hots, wow etc. than I have in League.

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    Blizzard overloaded and LOL is like 200kbs....
    Love Incinerate

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    HotS games are shorter...

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    Same map always. I get it - the game spins around one game mode, fine. But why it has to be this generic, bland, boring forest every single time? They could at least put different settings, have a winter, mountain, lava, urban, skin on it. But no, every game, same generic forest with boring music.

    The game is also very unfriendly for begginers. Low mmr games are just teeming with smurfs, and in this game, it's really easy to crush players who are far under your skill level, because once you outplay them early, you quickly go ahead of them in levels and gold increasing the gap not only beyond skill but also mechanic wise. Not to mention that mechanics on newer champions are so complex that newbies have no idea what to expect from them.

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    It's soul crushing that you can play well and it won't matter a jot because your midlaner decided to feed their Katarina over and over again. The game is over, and it's only twelve minutes in and you're still in lane phase, but someone on their team can literally delete any single person on yours and there is nothing whatsoever you can do about it
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