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    Anyone that play this game for the first time and skip conversation should die in a fire, that's heresy!

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    I will skip only when
    1) Its alien speaking and if I have read the text obviously. Not my style to listen stuff that I dont understand just go get immersion.
    2) The NPC speaks dreadfully slow (either because of "dying" or generally slow) but again, if I'm done reading the text.. because if I get 20 seconds of something like "" I would skip it. I doubt this will happen often or at all tho based on older bioware games.
    3) If for some reason I would read the same text again (you know the time when you go thro everything and you have "good bye" and "tell me more about X again" options). Kinda obvious tho.

    Other times? Heeelll no.

    Tho I'm kinda intrested to see how party dialoque skipping does. They said on their show that you can skip those too but I'm not sure will you just stand there picking option to answer while one guy listens the whole convo?
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    This game IS its story, skipping dialogues is like WoW-like mindless killing XX of this mob or gathering XX of this item...

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    I can see why people will be rushing to the end for the world firsts etc I have no problem with that, me personally will take my time and jizzing over the storyline

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    If one reads faster than NPC utters the words - it's in one's right to skip a dialogue. No harm in that - story-wise.

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    I will skip the shit out of that game. As i did with all other mmos and single player games.
    I just like 2 kill shit. I like to grind items and gold and mats. That is why i dont read books in first place .. it is boring after few pages for me.

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    I wont be skippin anythin i will be enjoying conversation with my chewie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doriath View Post
    I can understand the desire to get world first but simply said...Its a bioware game.Bioware,that has made some of the best RPGs around,deserves to have their content seen,not skipped through.That will just take the main point out of the game.Personally,I wouldnt do it,and I dont think bioware should allow it to be skipped through.
    Yeh that's why they restricted players to 1 character only.

    Oh wait no.
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    in my opinion, skipping a cinematic in ANY decent RPG is like skipping the sex in porn. RPGs are based around storytelling in a game format, why should you skip the story then?
    Taking a break until the next REAL content appears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    in my opinion, skipping a cinematic in ANY decent RPG is like skipping the sex in porn. RPGs are based around storytelling in a game format, why should you skip the story then?
    Because you want to get to the end-game content as fast as possible. Getting highest rank, world first?

    First after that you'll have time to go through the story.

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    As long as these people don't bitch about the lack of story then they can do what they want. For me, as long as a quest is new I will be listening intently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakEyy View Post
    Because you want to get to the end-game content as fast as possible. Getting highest rank, world first?

    First after that you'll have time to go through the story.
    thing is, while that's usually done in MMO games, this is as far as i know one of the first MMOs with such a heavy emphasis on story. i can understand that some players want to skip to the endgame though.
    Taking a break until the next REAL content appears.

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    Unless he Re-rolls the Exact same class to level again, he will miss an Entire story.

    Because Unlike Wow, not every Class does the EXACT same quests and story, there are class specific things.

    Oh well, i for one will not care when they release their first post a month after release saying "HURR DURR THIS GAME HAS NO CONTENT OR STORY I FINISHED IT ALREADY DURRR"

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    I might skip a few of them. Sometimes random voices just piss me off and I don't want to listen to them. Definitely not skipping all of them though.

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    My goal is to not skip cutscenes at all. To help with this, I'm going to make sure only aliens have subtitles. Whenever I enable subtitles in voices games I end up getting impatient since I can read faster by far than the action.

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    tbh I'll probably be doing the opposite :P taking it rreeaall slow and easy on my first playthrough, really soak up the story/world, then my alts will get progressively faster, till by the time I'm leveling my 8th char I'll be skipping all the cutscenes and only doing the quests etc that net the most XP.

    I can understand people who want to burn through and get to endgame as fast as possible, but there's two MAJOR reasons why I wont be doing that..

    1) it's a BW game you KNOW the story is going to be frakkin epic, I mean there's 3 chapters, and just the first is longer than KOTOR... come on man how can you NOT want to let all that badassery soak in?

    2) the (probably) more important reason... this will be the FIRST time I've played this game, yeah okay it looks very similar to WoW, but its NOT WoW, there will still be alot of new stuff to get used to, and I plan to use the leveling process to make sure than by the time I reach 50 I know how to play my char to the best of my abilities
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    I won't be skipping anything, even the funny alien voices. I intend to fully enjoy the entire experience from beginning to end.

    Now if someone wants to skip them because they just need constant action (or find cinematics boring), OK - best of luck and hope you find what you are looking for!

    .. but if someone skips them solely to get world firsts, I'm not sure how to take that. Is a world first really that big of a deal? Because I won't be looking at those world firsts with any kind of envy, I assure everyone .. only with sadness

    Did BioWare state that world firsts would even go in though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karteli View Post
    Did BioWare state that world firsts would even go in though?
    They said that the first implementation of Achievement system will make it in at launch. And it will be "Hard Earned" achievements only for now. You can figure the rest.

    Btw, why do you care if someone pursuits world firsts? It doesn't affect you, right? Take it as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arschmade View Post
    He is in the wrong game! In SWTOR no one cares about Raiding and "World-First"-Most-Timewasting. It's about great story and awesome star wars feeling with solid PvP.
    You're completely right, except you're totally wrong. In any multiplayer game there will be people who strive to min-max and achieve the first anything. You can take the most casual game in the world, and with a sufficient player base there will be people who spend an inordinately large amount of time trying to figure out how to maximize their return.

    Something that people realize is that while they may enjoy the voice acting, many others do not see the point in taking five minutes to listen to a conversation when they can simply read it in one.

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    no way in hell I'm gonna skip a cutscene, I think people who will do that will not enjoy the game very much

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