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    External Server

    So my son absolutely loves minecraft and he's been asking for his own server. For his birthday I'm going to re purpose my wife's alienware desktop for this little endeavor.

    I'm looking for a safe means to configure this machine for external connectivity and for getting the minecraft environment up and running.

    Side note: I'm a tech/PC guy and have successfully setup his current minecraft server on his machine with utorrent port forwarding for now but have not made it externally facing.

    Questions so far:
    1. Anyone have a recommended guide for this?
    2. Should I or can I host this with a service provider?
    3. Will I need business class internet to accommodate a static IP?
    4. Do I need Windows server for this? I have a dream spark account and can get a free license.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I used an old Dual Pentium 3.4ghz 4gb ram for a MC server for me and a friend. You don't need Windows server for this. You will need to forward the port for MC 25565(I think). Then you use your IP address ( for example) to add the server to his list. Run the server file on the PC and bang! Minecraft Server is up and running. I created a batch file to start the server. I also retro fitted the PC with a small SSD. I recommend that. Also do not run the server with a GUI. to help setup the command in the batch file.
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    Great, appreciate the response. I'll take a look at this

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    I was going to do something similar, then I decided that $4/mo to pay for an offsite host was better (for my service that supports up to 10 players), honestly. Now I don't have to worry about having a computer running 24/7 for server access, nor do I have to worry about it eating up my bandwidth.

    The particular service I use also makes modding so easy anyone can do it, you just click the mod and it does all the installing for you (in case your son isn't proficient in that sort of stuff)
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