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    Quote Originally Posted by angael View Post
    hmmm... can't eat food on the server 1.9 ...
    You're going to die of hunger I haven't tried 1.9 myself yet - so cant really comment on this.

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    Any Pre-Release2 1.9. Server?

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    Pre release ver3 is out now aswell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagwin View Post
    Pre release ver3 is out now aswell

    Prerelease 3:

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    hmmmmm snowmen... tower defense minigame anyone? snowmen towers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakisoba View Post
    Jeb has only said its weird black stuff and no one else knows what it is...though with ver 3 there is supposed to be portals to skylands and that looks like the same texture they use for the open portal

    And is it only me that hasnt found any npc villages? the a few villages in 1.8 but none from the pre release

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    pre3 is buggy - blackscreens alot here. heard a few others with the same problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakisoba View Post
    The new portals, found in the strongholds, are actually horizontal, instead of vertical. You are supposed to repair those with Ender Pearls and stuff you are gonna have to get from Nether Strongholds...

    So you'll have to find 2 different kinds of strongholds before you can go to that 3rd type of world, called "Aether" or something.
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    The portals in the strongholds apparently are supposed to lead to the "Ender", the home of the endermen and new enderdragons soon to come. I'll have to locate the source but they've also said the "Ender" world was planned for 1.9, so they've got a little over a week before they freeze the code and focus primarily on the bugs til release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlamin View Post
    Prerelease 4 has been released!
    But with no Dragons. Hopefully they will be in pre-release 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    But with no Dragons. Hopefully they will be in pre-release 5.
    well actually

    nowt to do with me, i just sub to their channel

    Edit:- Found this on Reddit
    Hey uh, if you want to see the Enderdragons in action, put these 2 files into your minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder

    Gold sword right click spawns dragon, right click of diamond sword teleports you to Ender (Credit to _303):

    By default the dragon has its collision boxes visible, so I went ahead and disabled the code for that:

    Have fun getting your world destroyed by one of these

    Edit: Party time!

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    We've now got pre release 5 out both the server and client can be downloaded here

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