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    Will you play on a PvE, PvP or RP server?

    What type of server will you be playing on and do you have any reasons?
    I'll probably be going for a PvE server, never really been a fan of getting ganked while on a lowbie and I don't really like RPing.

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    PvP, never really done it at max level so i want to

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    RP, there are already a handful of my friends who have put together a guild concept, and we're working on our character ideas now.
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    PvP, no doubt!

    So many QQ, priceless

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    I'll be going with PVP. I did a PVE server before on another game, and while it was fun, I felt like after awhile it was kind of dry.

    When I rerolled on a PVP server, there was definitely more action, and if I ever got tired of what I was doing, world PVP and town invasions became a bonus fun activity to do.

    But ... if you want to go around attacking other players, expect the same back to yourself - usually at the most unfortunate times, like when you are in a hurry.

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    PvP, I find the rules on RP and PvE servers to be limiting.

    Also, PvP realms often offer more of a challenge.
    Example: Last man standing after a 1v1/1v2 situation OR getting away alive after a gank.
    These two examples are always a rush
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    PvP for sure. When I was a WoW noob I started on a PvE server and I wont make that mistake again lol

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    PvE probably but PvP once ive got used to the game a little better

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    rp-pvp, I hope theyre in at start
    if not, I'll roll rp-pve

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    I will be on PvE.

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    If they exist. RP-PvP. If not, just RP.

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    I like PvP always have.

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    usually HATE pvp but the fact that it's the same guys that made the PVP/RVR in warhammer is doing teh same thing in TOR i might do pvp

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    PvP, much funnier when you can kill random people out in the world instead of "Oh, one of my enemies I should kill! Well, its a PvE server so fuck it, there is a flower, Ill go pick it up..."

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    I'll be honest The Story is so complete that even a hard core raider/pvp'r will want to RP at least a little in this game.

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    PvP server all the way!

    Same for WoW I have played on a PvP server for 6 years now.

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    Can't wait to do some world pvp again. PvP servers ftw.

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    Will be rolling a PVE toon and a PVP toon on day one. My PVE toon will be my raider and more RPish toon and my PVP toon will be my main PVPer and I'll probably give him a silly name.
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    PvP. I believe rolling on a PvP is making you always be more cautious about your environment and that makes you a better gamer

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    Pretty sure I will be playing on a PvP server, however... I wish there was a little more info on how much PvP this entails. I want everyone who plays to have their fun, but I sometimes get a little weary of constant class balancing acts in WoW, which always affect the other side of the game. So it would depend on.... if there are say different effects per class ability on PvP server vs PvE.
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