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  • PvE

    60 33.52%
  • PvP

    99 55.31%
  • RP

    20 11.17%
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    PvP for sure. I really hope they don't make travel to opposing faction capitals/Home planets completely impossible. I'm hoping for guards and stuff but with a large enough force we could break in.

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    I have no effing idea, I've always been a bit of a PvE carebear, but this MMO presents its case as a more PvP and RP oriented game. So it's been a three horse race for as long as this issue presented itself to me. But if they decide on creating an RP-PvP server it'll become a two horse race, that much will be sure.
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    PvP. Rolling on a PvE server would just seem to be a disservice to the game.
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    I'm a RPer so definitely a RP server for me.

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