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    Lag? I don't get it.

    Half a vent thread and half a legit concern.

    I have shitty Comcast to say the least, barebones, no DOC3 modem, or anything fancy. I have a "decent" gaming computer, running about 120 FPS in League. 100 FPS on High in WoW. I don't lag at all with 80-85 ping.

    All the time, I am seeing people complain about lag. Saying they are having 80-100 ping but lagging. DCing but not saying in Summoner Announcements. "Spiking" into the 2k plus area in engagements. All sorts of shenanigans. I'm having NONE of these problems at all. Not that I want these problems.

    So my question is: there any truth to these claims? It seems to be happening a lot lately. If there is truth to this, anyone willing to collaborate with me to help these laggers?

    Also if these people are having problem and playing ranked games, can I report them in anyway?

    I'm tired of "losing" to lag.

    NEVERMIND, LOGGED INTO THE GAME, AND IT'S ON THE FRONTPAGE. A mod and delete this post. Sorry.
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