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    WTF - I'm useless


    I just came back to Lol. I played since season 1 until very beginning of season 5. Summoner's rift visual upgrade from I believe season 4 made me quit. I was always quite skilled at League, I was stuck in diamond 1 40~80 LP for weeks, never made it to challenger nor dropped to d2.

    I just installed, played few games. And hey! I'm noob. I went even 0/12 stats with Caitlyn on adc xD

    My question is: Assuming that I play 6-8 hours a day, how long might it take to fully (or almost fully) recover old skill?

    Obviously, it can't really be answered. It highly depends on someone's own possiblities or whatever. I'm asking people who actually did quit for long period of time then came back. Obviously, it's not just recovering mechanic skills, it's also game sense and meta understanding. Basically learning game from the very beginning.

    Did any of you ever quit for long period of time? If so, how long did it take you to recover your old skill? 50 games? 500 games? Or maybe even more?

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    If you were diamond 1 you were already better than, what, 90% of the League player base? Diamond players typically are good at video games in general because the mechanical skill to play in Diamond is waaaaay higher than people expect. Honestly, if you played at that high of a level and were only gone for 1-2 seasons you should be able to pick it back up pretty quick imo. But what do I know I'm only gold.
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    K, just played like 10 games.

    Community is even more toxic right now. Everyone just spits acid lol
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    ill stopped playing in s3 in mid dia and came back last season for some games.

    you may need ~20 games+ to come back but get borred then pretty fast.
    it also depends on if you learn new champions or want to play the ones you know good.

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    You're asking a question that nobody on here can really answer as far as I'm aware. It's going to take awhile to get back to where you were, months probably if not ever.
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    If you were dia 1 you would probably be on the level of d3-2 now. It would take you a couple months of constant playing to get to a point where you instinctively know what the new changes did to the champions and what it actually means for you. To get a feel for meta? That takes more time because I have not yet gotten to that point myself. I just play what I'm good at, but then again im only in plat elo.

    It all depends on your level of acquisition though. If you play 6-8 hours a day you should be alright. You have to learn some new things but your brain always remembers what you knew before, the only thing you need to learn are the new changes, that's all. Hope it helped.

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    Happened to me. I was platinum 5 and didn't play for like 5 months. Came back in season 6 took me 1 month to get out of silver.

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