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    Question About Radeon R9 270X

    Hi there fellas!

    I am currently using Radeon HD 6770(Consuming 108 watts) and I'm thinking about upgrading it to R9 270X(180 Watts) or R9 270(150 Watts)

    I am wondering if my PSU can handle any of these upgrades without problem.
    here's my PSU's specs:

    I also want to know if you know any other cards worth around R9 270x's price, I might consider them too.

    R9 270X DUAL-X OC GDDR5 2GB 256Bit AMD Radeon DX11.2 (SAPPHIRE) costs 230 $
    R9 270X Gaming 2G ITX GDDR5 2GB 256Bit AMD Radeon DX11.2 (MSI) costs 336$

    Same card, huge price difference, can someone explain?
    -On the seller's website only difference shown between two is one has 1020 mhz and the other has 1030 mhz.

    One more question:
    R7 270x - 2 x 6 pin
    R7 270 - 1 x 6 pin

    what does it mean? how can I be sure if my configuration fits with 270x or not?
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    I don't think you have the connectors to do either card, but particularly the 270x you would really want to look at a bigger PSU.

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    I definitely agree on upgrading your PSU, even if it did have the correct connectors it may not have the correct amperage on the 12V rail which is used for the GPU, SSD/HDD and lots of other things.

    For the price of the cards I would say go for the Sapphire card because in my personal opinion they are a superior manufacturer compared to MSI not that MSI are bad I just think Sapphire cards are more reliable.

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    That PSU will not be able to run any kind of video card that has an extra power connector. When you get one, make sure it is 80+ bronze rated at least, and make sure it is from a reliable manufacturer. Stay away from things like multiple 12V rails.

    Also for AMD cards, Sapphire is the best manufacturer. For Nvidia, it's EVGA.

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