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    Case help for my GF

    Posted on behalf of my Girlfriend, as she cannot post links.

    "I want to get a slimmer case than normal.

    Specifically this case.

    My issue is I don't know if the items I want to get to make a moderately ok computer (and upgrade it later) will fit in this case.
    I would really enjoy some help from seasoned builders
    Thanks so so much in advance!"

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    Seems you need a micro power supply for that. Something like this one, which honestly i got no freaking idea of how good it is, quality wise

    Seems you are up for a challenge with that case if you are a first time builder
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    I wasn't sure what a micro ATX PSU was. They are the ones more commonly known as SFX?

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    Silverstone makes good SFX PSU's. I had a good 80+ gold modular in my Lian-Li PCQ30X build.

    That case... i'm not impressed. Im sure i could find one similarly thin that would be both easier to build in and have much better airflow.

    I also dont think you can fit a full length GPU in there if you have a HDD seated in that bay. Yeah, that case is .. no. Ill see what i can dig up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    What kind of budget are we looking at here? I can recommend some great small form factor cases, but they are all more than 35$. All my recommendations, though, will support a high-end (single-GPU, for most of them) gaming rig, though. Im probably one of the biggest proponents of small or slimline case builds currently posting, but even I will say - a first time build into a small or slimline case can be a headache if you arent used to the issues the case size brings.

    Here's my first few suggestions:

    EVGA Hadron Air: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product...110-MA-1001-K1
    It's available for 129$ on NewEgg with free shipping. It isn't AS slim as the case she linked, but it is very svelte and is overral a tiny case. My current rig is built into this case. This case also comes with an 80+ Gold 500W PSU built in. For a small case its fairly easy to work in.

    Here's a pic with a PS4 controller as a size reference:

    Lian-Li PC-OX series: http://www.lian-li.com/en/lian-li-la...table-chassis/
    Available in several sizes - all are pretty awesome. If i were going to build a new right right now, i'd be using this chasis and hanging it on my wall. (They can also stand up vertically or lay horizontally). Not cheap, but super easy to work in (everything is laid flat, pretty much). Looks awesome if you bling it out.

    Lian-Li PC-Q19: http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-q19/
    the cheaper, non-glass version of the PC-OX series.

    Lian-Li has a LOT of SFF cases. Ive worked with several (including the curved PCQ30X which my previous build was in); they are high quality and easy to work with.

    Silverstone Raven: http://www.silverstonetek.com/raven/...=RVZ01&area=en
    This one is super slim because it lays everything flat in the case and connects the GPU via a riser card (Lian-Li has a similar model). Ive nver worked in one, but it seems fairly straitforward. They have a "Fortress" version of this case as well (FT-Z01) that is all aluminum, but otherwise the same.

    Silverstone FT-03 Fortress: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=291
    EXTREMELY easy to work in for a small case, and has great airflow. Not super slim, but rather a square shape (still not wide by any means). Supports mATX as well as mITX, hot-swappable drive cage at the top, unique port placement (top). Requires an SFX power supply though. Super attractive. I built a Hackintosh for a friend into one.

    BitFenix Pandora: http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/pr...assis/pandora/

    Probably the closest to what she was originally looking at, its a fairly straightforward slim tower with a more traditional layout. Comes in a version with a side-window, and an even pricier version with a programable LCD screen on the front. Haven't worked in it, but if it is anything like BitFenix's other cases, it should be fairly easy to work in, even if it is cramped.

    Any of those will support a full-on high end gaming rig.
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    The EVGA 750Ti wont fit in that Sentey case, it takes a low profile, and as far as I know, Gigabyte is the only one that makes it.

    I have used the similar case for other inexpensive builds, Sentey SS1-2428 with a Silverstone 450 with a low profile 750Ti and ended up taking them out and using the EVGA Hadron, although it takes a Mini ITX board, you would not be able to use the matx board linked in your build.

    Those Sentey cases are good for a HTPC, web browser pc and the likes, but running higher end i3s and i5s makes for a very hot PC even with 2 Noctua 80MM fans.
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    Taking what Moremana said (since he has experience with the case in question) into consideration, i definitely recommend using a different case.

    The BitFenix Pandora is probably the closest to her original idea (a very slim tower) and the cheapest option (as long as you dont go for the one with the LCD and glass side panel). The Silverstone Raven is probably the next closest.

    Yes, theyre more expensive, but you get what you pay for in cases. For anything smaller than a full-ATX mid-tower, you dont want to cheap out. A bad case could have terrible airflow, be impossible to work in, not fit your components easily, etc. Its not worth the hassle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagthul View Post
    The BitFenix Pandora is probably the closest to her original idea (a very slim tower) and the cheapest option (as long as you dont go for the one with the LCD and glass side panel). The Silverstone Raven is probably the next closest.
    Actually, if you do the Pandora Core, the cheapest option ($77) right now has a side panel due to a sale at NCIXUS.

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