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    Minecraft Mods & Texture Packs

    If you've made or really enjoy a mod (for singleplayer or multiplayer) or texture pack, here's the place to showcase it!

    Please note that if you do not own the mod or texture pack, please give credit to the author!

    If you want to, use the following template for any mod or texture pack you want to share with the community:
    Type: (multiplayer, singleplayer, texture pack)
    Brief Description:
    Also, we strongly reccomend that if you make mods, you should host them on BukkitDev, a Curse website.

    Happy minecrafting!

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    Name: Bordercraft
    Author: Dr. Kalashnikov
    Type: Texture Pack
    Brief Description: A Minecraft texture pack in the style of Gearbox Software's Borderlands.
    Size 128x128: Yes
    Size 64x64: Yes
    Size 32x32: Yes
    Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...ercraft-ver18/

    More info and Downloads posted above (this is not my pack, I just love it).
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    Name: Coldtone
    Author: Bidelle
    Type: Texture Pack
    Brief Description: A cold color themed texture pack for 64x tiles.
    Link: http://tinyurl.com/3by6hxy
    Vantas, Tazoula, Soluku, Tanquerray, Viren, Villie of Hyjal (US-PvE)
    Andarix @dA, @tumblr
    Bidelle @ everything else

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    Type: (multiplayer, singleplayer, texture pack)
    Brief Description: A highly simple self customization texture pack (tools on website)

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    There's a great site I use that has many texture packs on it, that you can individually customise and will automatically wrap it up into a zip file for you
    Minecraft Customizer

    Name: LoafCraft
    Author: Amalah
    Type: Texture Pack
    Brief Description : A 32x32 HD Texture pack, in soft pastel shades. And a great affinity for Cat's

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    MineCraft MODS

    The Twilight Forest

    Imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see. Breathtaking vistas and amazing discoveries await you around every corner. But beware! Not all denizens of the forest respond to your intrusion lightly.
    Name:The Twilight Forest
    Type: (singleplayer, Multiplayer coming soon)
    Brief Description:Make a Portal that will take you to a new world, includes New item's and Boss fight's (also going to have specific armor/items to craft for the zone eventually)

    Little Blocks Mod

    With this mod, you can make blocks that are 1/512 of a block (8 in each dimension).
    Name:Little Blocks Mod
    Type: (singleplayer, Multiplayer is being worked on)
    Brief Description:With this mod, you can make blocks that are 1/512 of a block (8 in each dimension). Redstoners rejoice! Now you can make your awesome contraptions and use a fraction of the space!

    Fossil / Archaeology

    Want to own your very own Triceratops? Or maybe a Tyrannosaurus rex! Or maybe you would rather just dig up the bones of dead Dinosaurs!
    Name:Fossil / Archaeology
    Type: (singleplayer)
    Brief Description:Dig up ancient artifact's, cultivate Dino DNA, craft long forgotten Weapons and Armor!

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    The current suite of mods and texture pack I use. Visit their respective threads for detailed information, screenshots, etc.

    Sphax's PureBDCraft Texture Pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...t-v100-201111/
    Comes in all sizes, from 16x all the way to 512x, and is up to date. Recommended size is 128x; other resolutions are scaled up or down from there. It's a brightly colored, comic book-like texture pack while still keeping the basic Minecraft aesthetic.

    OptiFine HD_B: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...t-hd-textures/
    A mod that optimizes the way in which Minecraft chunks and worlds are loaded, as well as how visuals are loaded. Commonly results in huge framerate increases; I go from about 20fps-30fps to 45fps-60fps. Includes many, many options for customizing everything it affects. HD Texture support and Clear Water are included, so don't use other mods to get those.

    Rei's Minimap [SMP compatible]: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...inimap-v28-04/
    The only minimap worth considering. Detailed maps with multiple zoom levels and dynamic lighting. Can show a grid of chunks (useful for diamond hunting), and can show which chunks can spawn slimes. Full waypoint support; press C to open up the waypoints menu to set waypoints. Waypoints will appear on your minimap, extremely useful for noting important locations for later exploration, much better than making torch trails (much less hideous, too.) Now has an entities radar, disabled by default, which can show players, monsters, animals, and everything in between.

    Somnia [SSP Only]: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...-somnia-sspml/
    Changes the way sleeping works. You can choose to sleep in beds without resetting your spawn. Sleeping in a bed now simulates the world, treating it as if you were running around the entire time; crops grow, furnaces continue smelting, mobs and animals continue to wander around and/or breed. Immense time-saver.

    DaftPVF's Mods [SSP Only]: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...daftpvfs-mods/
    Several individual mods. I use only Crystal Wing, Treecapitator, Ingame Info, and Slime Boots. Crystal Wing allows you to craft an item that will return you to your spawn point, limited uses. Treecapitator will treat the entire tree as a single block, so chopping down a tree now only requires you to use your axe to break the lowest log block on tree to fell the whole thing. Ingame Info allows you to display specific info on-screen; I use it for convenient seed and texture pack display for when showing off seeds. Slime Boots allows you to craft new boots using Slimeballs which reduce fall damage taken and double your jump height.

    Biome Water: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...craft-updated/
    Whole suite of mods by Scokeev9, but I only use Biome Water. It changes the world so that water is now colored by biome, making each type of biome more visually distinct.

    Simple Enchant: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...simpleenchant/
    Very simple mod which eliminates the lower 50% of possible enchant combinations when enchanting an item. Basically, it ensures that you will always receive the highest possible enchant levels possible based on the size of your library surrounding the enchantment table. Less like cheating and more like just saving time. Does not affect enchants, the enchanting process, or anything else - just the level range of the enchants it shows you.

    Dense Coal: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...00-dense-coal/
    Fairly simple mod which allows you to turn nine chunks of coal into one dense coal block. You can then use the dense coal blocks as storage (64x9 coal per stack), use them to craft tools, or you may combine nine dense coal blocks to craft a single diamond. More convenient method of gathering diamonds, and actually makes coal serve a useful purpose after you have enough to fuel your furnaces

    Invasion Mod [SSP or SMP]: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...-tough-do-you/
    This mod allows you to craft and place a block which, when activated, will generate a resource which can be used for crafting (mostly for crafting diamonds or redstone dust) over time. While this block is active, constant waves of monsters will home in on it and attempt to destroy it... and any players they encounter nearby. Includes new varieties of monsters and AI adjustments and new abilities for existing ones. Does not affect generic monsters encountered anywhere else - only ones summoned by the mod itself.

    Doggy Talents: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...-with-puppies/
    Adds new purposes to taming wolves, allowing you to level them up by feeding them treats you can craft, and then allowing you to level up numerous different skills, all of which give them new abilities. Slowfall, water breathing (and fishing), the ability to set enemies on fire (and resistance/immunity to fire/lava), stronger attacks and defenses, a "dash" effect when attacking something... and even the ability to allow you to use your wolf as a mount (and keep the bonuses it has, like water breathing, slowfall, and immunity to fire/lava!) Also includes numerous improvements to wolf AI and prevents tamed wolves from dying permanently; they instead become incapacitated and must be revived with a Cake.

    Clay Soldiers: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...ldiers-mod-v4/
    Adds the ability to craft autonomous miniature clay soldiers using clay balls and soul sand. You can dye them with dyes, and soldiers of different colors (except neutral gray and pacifist white, and berserker black) will attack each other. You can lead them Pikmin-style using a Fishing Rod or by throwing dyes of the appropriate color. You can make them tougher with iron ingots, give them sticks and leather to create weapons and armor with, and can even create little horses for them to ride with dirt and soul sand.

    None of my mods really seek to completely change how the game works, though there are plenty that do that (Tale of Kingdoms is a great mod that basically changes the objectives of the game.) All of my mods simply add content that can be used to add a little extra to the existing game (raising wolves, creating massive armies of clay soldiers, and fighting huge waves of monsters at will.)

    Again, please visit each thread for the mod's author information, screenshots, installation directions, and any requirements for each mod.

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    Some new mods and texture packs I've been using:

    ThadiusKayne's KayneCraft texture pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...t-185-updated/

    Comes in 64x and 128x versions. It's currently incomplete, missing mob, armor, and paintings. Lapis lazuli blocks and gravel blocks are hideous, lots of people are asking him to change the texture. It's heavily inspired by BorderCraft and goes for a comic book style. Very stylized, but extremely high quality stuff.

    Dokucraft Continued texture pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...continues-32x/

    32x texture pack that's very highly customizable. It's a continuation of one of the OG texture packs from way back in the day. Probably the best 32x texture pack around. If you can't handle high-res packs (like 128x or better), use Dokucraft. The quality is fantastic and it's better than many 64x packs.

    Sonic Ether's GLSL Shaders mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...-shadows-more/

    A continuation of the original GLSL shaders mod. The mod adds, well, GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) shaders to the game. This means real-time, dynamic shadows and lighting, smoother lighting, motion blur, depth of field, the whole nine yards. There are beta (read: unstable) options to add High Dynamic Range (HDR), glare, and all sorts of other things. The mod is directly dependent on your video card for performance, and you can customize it (you will need a proper tool, such as Notepad++, to do so) in various ways - you can remove any feature you'd like, you can adjust the texture size for shadows (the default is 2048, but you can adjust in any standard multiple, i.e. 512, 1024, 4096, etc), the distance at which shadows are drawn (it's defaulted to a full 100, but that's actually farther than the game will actually draw shadows, even with maximized view distance), etc. This mod requires OptiFine, which can be found above.

    I average about 20-25 frames per second with an ATi Radeon HD 4870 512MB, using a 32x texture pack, which is a pretty old video card. If I adjust everything down (reduce shadow texture to 1024, turn off smooth lighting, reduce resolution, etc), I can usually get upwards of 30 frames per second, but in my opinion it's not worth it since the entire point of the mod is to make things look gorgeous. It's technically playable at 20 fps, but I'm used to 60fps+ so I wouldn't use it except for taking pictures. You will shit your pants the first time you see the dynamic lighting and shadows during a sunrise or sunset. I do not know if it's compatible with the Water Shader Alpha mod.

    Huge Trees are Huge mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...updated-to-11/

    HTH adds, well, huge fuckin trees to your game. It also allows you to create a tree made of pretty much ANY block (including lava and water) by stacking them appropriately, as shown in the post. You can make trees with TNT leaves or glowstone trunks. You could make trees made of diamond and lapis lazuli blocks if you wanted easy access to a frankly ridiculous amount of them. It adds a huge tree biome where these huge trees will spawn naturally (made of the usual wood blocks and leaves blocks.) You can customize the mod to define how large you want your trees to be, whether you want them to have roots, and how wide/deep you want the roots to go.

    You can basically make a redwood forest and pretend you're in the woods in California. It's SMP compatible. If you use a mod that alters terrain generation like me, there's also a version that is designed to be compatible with terrain generation mods.

    Useful Seeds mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...-version-made/

    A mod that gives you new uses for seeds, since you eventually won't have a use for them after you've got your twentieth damned row of wheat sown. Use seeds to make paper, slimeballs (no more hunting for slimes!), mossy cobblestone or mossy stone brick, use seeds as tinder, create saplings or vines or leaves, and other such things. The recipes are pretty well-balanced (they're designed to consume your excess seeds, not allow you to turn one seed into a diamond or something similarly valuable) and, well, make seeds actually fuckin useful.

    SMP Crossbows mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...tal-crossbows/

    Allows you to craft crossbows and crossbow bolts, and is SMP compatible. More importantly, allows you to craft elemental crossbows... and elemental crossbow bolts. Ever wanted a rocket launcher in Minecraft? Well, you can now make TNT crossbow quarrels that detonate on impact - so you basically have a fucking rocket launcher; it's really useful for rapidly expanding mineshafts, or for getting rid of those goddamn sheep. You can make crossbows that set things on fire (one that sets only mobs on fire or one that sets EVERYTHING on fire), electrify things, poison stuff, freeze stuff... lots of different options.

    Did I mention it's SMP compatible? Because it is.

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    Anyone able to identify the texture pack this guy is using?

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Waimzer View Post
    Anyone able to identify the texture pack this guy is using?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Probably Misa's Realistic 64p.

    ---------- Post added 2012-04-20 at 12:42 AM ----------

    Some mods worth looking into:

    ExtraBiomes XL

    Mod that alters terrain generation by adding dozens of new biomes, many of which include custom blocks. Redwood forests with trees that are dozens of blocks tall, muddy quagmires, glaciers, alpine mountains, desert mountains, savannas, and many more. Requires ModLoader and Forge. There's a "classic" version that includes the new biomes, but without the new block types in case you need a more compatible version. It's SSP-only, however it's possible to generate the world in single-player and then play it on a multiplayer server, though it'll take a while to explore enough chunks.

    The RPG addon adds even more biomes and even more custom blocks, including dark forests, deadlands biomes where monsters can spawn regardless of light level or time of day, wastelands, wheatfields, and many more.

    The mod adds a lot more variety to the gameworld. Expect to need to fiddle with block IDs if you use a lot of mods that add many new blocks; it's compatible with ThaumCraft, BuildCraft, and similar mods, but you may need to adjust block IDs to make things work.


    In a lot of ways, a mod that shares similarities with BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft, but more magic-based rather than high-techology. Slay monsters or discover chests to acquire artifacts. Consume these artifacts at a research station to discover new recipes, allowing you to create boots of striding (you move faster and jump higher!), pickaxes and shovels that break an entire 1x9 square of terrain (assuming it's all the same material), axes that fell entire trees with a single strike, and more.

    Adds some new monsters, lots of new items and mechanics, and much more. It'd take too long to talk about it all; visit the thread and watch some of the videos.

    Requires ModLoader and Forge.

    TerraFirmaCraft (beta)

    One of the most ambitious mods I've ever seen. Completely redesigns terrain generation and the mining system from the ground up to be as realistic as is reasonably possible. You'll want to know the difference between igneous intrusive and igneous extrusive rocks, you'll want to know what and where to find sedimentary rocks, and you can forget about wandering into a naturally generated cave and digging out a stack of iron ore and leaving holes everywhere - that cave's gonna fall on your head if you start digging around in it without putting some supports up first.

    Crafting and forging is also completely revamped, requiring you to heat the materials to the correct temperature and then forge them properly according to the blueprints. No more sticking a couple of sticks and a bar of iron into a crafting table to make a pickaxe - you're gonna need to forge that pickaxe head first.

    There are plans to revamp farming and agriculture as well as the enchanting system so far, and it probably won't stop there. There are a lot of videos and a wiki to flick through and I suggest you do so.

    TFCraft is still very much in a beta right now. There are lots of bugs and much of the content is missing or just unfinished, but it's something worth keeping your eye on.

    Requires ModLoader and Forge. Due to the sheer number of changes, it's not really compatible with anything else. Even if Minecraft loads properly, the disparity between TFCraft and other mods will probably make it very difficult to find mods that fit together with it well.

    Isabella 16x16 Texture Pack

    The texture pack that proves 16p packs can still look gorgeous. Colors are darker and muted and the entire pack evokes a feeling of a dreary, rainy day. Great option if you're tired of the super-saturated, bright and colorful texturepacks that are everywhere.

    Includes unofficial mod support (by other people, not the texture pack's author) for a wide variety of mods, including BuildCraft, Better than Wolves, ThaumCraft, ExtraBiomes XL, and many more.

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    Name: Generator Ports
    Author: DatWorldGen
    Type: Singleplayer
    Brief Description: The mod lets you generate terrain from older versions of Minecraft.
    Beta 1.8.1, Beta 1.7.3, Alpha 1.1.2_01, Alpha 1.1.2_01 (Snow world) and Indev.
    Link: << Click Here >>

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    identify the texture pack this guy is using

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    A look at some finished work from Thaumcraft 3

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    Name: TabbyChat

    Author: RocketMan10404

    Type: Multiplayer/Chat

    Brief Description: A moderator on the Towny server i play on has recently created this fabulous chat mod. It basically breaks down the chat into various tabbed channels making it easier to single out different chats/ignore things you might not wanna read. There is a full description with pictures and what not in the link below. Please take a look

    Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/...oad-available/

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    Name: Conquest

    Author: monsterfisher

    Type: Texture Pack, 32x32


    It's a 32p texture pack originally based off of the 32p JohnSmith texture pack. Still considered a work in progress, I think some blocks are still using JohnSmith textures.

    But the level of detail in this texture pack is staggering, far beyond any I've seen yet. Almost every block I've seen has randomized textures, and the lightmap is fantastic. The lighting goes from a sunny yellow to a deep orange to a pale purple as the sun sets, and reverses this when it rises. Torches have a realistic orange glow, complete with flickering light. Many blocks are animated, including torches, and CTM work is stellar, with several blocks having multiple applications purely due to how their CTM versions differ from their single-block versions.

    For people experienced with metadata, there are also many alternative versions of several blocks. It's a very versatile texture pack that looks great for both building and exploring, and it's nicely varied. Most builds will probably be limited to the psuedo-medieval design that most Minecraft textures tend towards.

    Seriously, give it a shot. The lightmap use really expanded my concept of what can be done with a texture pack.

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    Name: Mo' Chickens
    Author: Myself
    Type: SMP/SSP Mod
    Brief Description: Adds several types of hostile chickens that can be tamed to lay different types of items.
    Link: Official Thread: minecraftforum.net/topic/2137498-
    Official Website: saxon564.com/mods/MoChickens

    EDIT: I would have given clickable links, but because the forum requires a few posts before you can give them, I could not give clickable links. And the only reason I registered was to share this.
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    Name: Smart Moving Mod

    Author: Divisor

    Type: Mod

    Brief Description: Normal movement in Minecraft can be thought of as being very restrictive, but thankfully with the help of the Smart Moving Mod For Minecraft you will be able to enhance it, as the package includes new and better animations, as well as numerous other functions that will help you enhance your game experience.

    Link: file-minecraft.com/smart-moving-mod-upgraded/

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