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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    betting 50g now it just removes the look altogether, so you still get the benefits of shadowform, but not the changed look.
    That would make me a sad panda.... though I have to say I like the idea of it being a glyph though, so at least if we don't like it we don't have to use it

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    Meh I like that my Spriest doesn't show much in form, not a glyph for me me thinks, though I am very curious what they made of it

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    Can't alter it much, except to remove it completely. Guess some people have been Q__Q because they can't see their equipment when not afking.

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    Anyone on the PTR able to get a pic of it?

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    Probably turn into a warlocks blueberry.

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    Probably going to make it less shadowy because people would want to see the gear they transmog'd, just my thought on it.

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    Color me curious about this glyph. Hoping it's a more than just a make gear more clear through shadow. (I mean, if that's it, where's the druid's show gear in animal... oh wait, fire cat...)

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    Demon eyes please.

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    I'd love a shadowform that's slightly less dark, to see gear and mounts. I can't wait to see what the model is.

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    I hope for a camouflagesque purpleish look

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    Unconfirmed, so don't quote me on this, that it looks like the skull of Guldan effect.

    Note: the picture above is from the Skull of Guldan effect I mentioned, not an actual picture of the new shadowform.
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    Meh i like my Shadow Form as is, transmog or not.. will not get

    ETA: Umm if it is that pic above me then sure i might get it... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxi View Post
    Unconfirmed, so don't quote me on this, that it looks like the skull of Guldan effect.
    Would fit a lock better...

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    That's just the pic from fel infusion.

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    Dear god, I really hope this is to remove the shadow effect. Maybe then I'll play my priest! I hate shadowform so much >.<;

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    Highly doubt it would have the skull of guldan effect, I'm leaning towards the idea that it'll remove the whole shadow effect

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    This sounds interesting, would make it tougher to find out (atleast in the 1300 brackets that im used to lolol) what spec the opposing priest is. So the benefits aren't purely cosmetic. That is assuming the glyph removes the "shadowform" effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dybia View Post
    That's just the pic from fel infusion.
    That's sort of what I implied when I said it was from the skull of Guldan. I probably should have clarified that the picture was associated with the link I provided (Fel Infusion), and not an actual screenshot of the new shadow form.
    Again, I said it was unconfirmed. I am sure booby will either confirm or deny it eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synithin View Post
    Hopefully your not gonna get stiffed like with the Shaman Ghostwolf minor glyph that just changed the color slightly.
    I'd laugh if that was really the case, though who knows Blizz might surprise us with something awesome but I won't expect anything more than a "less" shadowy version of the current.

    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    Would fit a lock better...
    Think a dark mist with a similar animation to that instead of the green fire. If it is something like that I'd consider it for xmogging but I'd probably stick with the unglyphed version, I just like the current shadow form too much.
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