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    Quote Originally Posted by Aktavite View Post
    Appears to be around 630k of pre-orders of physical copies of the game in the US ( So make of that what you will.

    And no, I won't pre-order. It appears that EA has something against Australians
    Preorder it from Amazon. I see no point in waiting for the offical australian release.

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    Getting it as a Christmas present so no harm, no foul if it ships a stinker.

    The test I was on was pretty terrible, but in recent months a good 60% of my issues have been addressed and I am interested again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RatFanatic View Post
    You need better citations than those.

    Quote Originally Posted by RatFanatic View Post
    I don't think you appreciate how many people a million is. WoW probably has 6 million active NA subscribers. Saying TOR will have 5 million at launch is a stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spaace View Post
    I'm hoping we either get it shipped early, or give us a digital copy to download.... As much as I'm going to love that Darth Malgus figurine, I'm more interested in that early access ;D
    You will be fine, your early access code will last until your box gets shipped to you there is going to be a grace period.

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    Preordered it as soon as I could.

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    had my CE on preorder since about the time it takes me to drive from my house to gamestop after it was announced
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    I love star wars so I pre-ordered the game the first day that you could.
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    Ugh accidentally voted no, but yeah I did pre-order last month. Managed to pre-order the Collector's Edition from Wal-Mart. I was surprised they were still taking pre-orders. I had assumed they would have sold out of collector's editions during the first two weeks of taking pre-orders.

    Actually wow, I just checked and they still have collector's edition copies available for pre-orders at Wal-mart right now. Seems a bit odd since every other place has been sold out for ages.

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    nd no, I won't pre-order. It appears that EA has something against Australians
    Another aussie crybaby! yay! Is it so hard to preorder from another country? No. I live in China and I'm already ready to rock via the Origin store.

    I see no point in waiting for the offical australian release.

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    I pre-ordered it after playing the beta much better than wow imho.

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