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    Beta Druid Question

    I currently play a ele/resto shaman and I have been contemplating changing it up to boomkin\resto druid for WoD. I am not in beta so I was thinking of taking my druid out for a spin but I am unsure of the differences in play style from live to Beta. If I want to get a solid feel for game play for the boomkin, would playing one on live give me a solid feel for how it might play in beta, or is the new druid that much different??

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    Haven't played resto, but i dont think it's much different from live. Boomkin has the same spells and the same essence of the spec, but it's quite different. I think it's easy enough to adapt to though, as long as you have a weakauras for starsurge stacks

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    It's a bit diffrent from Live but in a good way.
    Resto druids are going to be a lot more fun in WoD than what they currently are atleast in my opinion.
    We've more ways to heal now and thats great. Only annoying thing? learning to stand still for a WG cast, but you adapt fast :P
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