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    With good reason, it looks awesome! I want the t8 red color gear, but no-one wants to go to ulduar with me
    You can solo that and thank you.

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    You can solo that and thank you.
    I've solod up to xt hardmode, then went to bed, but the trash before flame leviathon takes forever!
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    I'm really needing some more warrior t3 to pop up. If I get the rest of the pieces I need I'll have an amazing set with 8.5 pieces thrown in. Pictures coming soon.

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    still requires some work (shame on gloves), but at least not trivial among DK, which makes me favour this combo. Hope you also like it.

    (apologies for lame armoury pose - is there any way to change it btw?)
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    this is what ive been using lately, until i get full t14

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    Ah, moon that set looks great on a goblin.

    Yes hunty it is beautiful!

    No I don't believe you can change the armory pose. Thankfully all the horde ones suck.

    Lastly, @azzumanga you can get a BS to craft gloves that look like the normal mode item for your set. That might be better than those.
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    I know I'm boring, but I decided to go with the starter set with armageddon for now.

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    FNX, I like it.

    Not sure how I feel about it...judge me? I like how it's all black/blue but some of the colors are tooooo different. Let me know your thoughts.

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    And ignore the purple in the middle, I forgot to do the chest piece, it should be black/blue....pretend I have a tabard on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunty View Post
    People seem to like mine, so:
    What is this Amazing sword ?

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    The sword is Endbringer, which drops off The Black Stalker in Heroic Underbog.

    Easy solo.

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    It indeed is Endbringer

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    Hunty, hatebringer would be a good mace for your set, if its ever relevant. I was just looking through some for myself.

    Does anyone think blood elves, look wise for dk, are better than any horde option? I like that armor has a normal fit on their human-ish body. Orc shoulders are too big, everything else is too small or has something weird (trolls bending, undead hunchback)

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    I ask because I'm considering a change. Though the change in racials would suck hard.
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    I personally like the tender look of night elves, blood elves have that aswell. Though female might be too much.

    I have a collection of about 60 weapons btw, I'm pretty sure hatebringer is in there :P

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    After I'd leveled up to 90 I wanted to change my transmog to something different, so I decided to take a look in my bank. Found these things. You'll probably say that the boots, head and hands doesn't fit with the rest of the set, but the truth is it's intended. I like the way the dark greenish colours is a great contrast to the yellow/red/shinie breastplate, shoulders and legsplates look. Not completely happy with the head, so tips are welcome.

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    Yeah female is too small. I tried that once. Just too tiny. Especially with weapons. I think male would work fine. I don't know. Orc is just a little too big in the shoulders otherwise it would be fine.
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    How about an Orc female? Pretty much the same body structure as a male Human (but with boobs, obviously).

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    I've been mostly using Acherus Knight on my DK, combined with Vengeful Gladiator's Decapitator. I like that combination; a ghostly hooded figure in a dress (well, it's a female orc so that's fine), wielding a huge executioner's axe.

    Now that we got the pretty nice new set, Masterwork Spiritguard, I thought I might try and get a few of those pieces, and build a "Dark Paladin" -style set.

    Here's a link to the comparison on wowhead.

    It has the Masterwork Spiritguard set's helmet, chest piece and boots for a more bulky, heavy plate look. The skirt is from Acherus Knight, and it's pretty much what makes this into a "Dark Paladin" theme. The belt is from Acherus Knight as well, and it's skull ties the gloves, Bladebreaker Gauntlets, into the set as they have skulls too. Masterwork Spiritguard's belt has a bit too much color, and it's gloves show hands, so they're not good; the gloves need to be closed and heavy. Acherus Knight's gloves aren't that good either, and it's chest piece shows arms, which isn't good.

    Throw on top of that the Vengeful Gladiator's Bonegrinder for a more paladinesque feel, although since for me at least conquest points are limited (I only do random BG's), I may have to buy the axe after all. Remains to be seen.

    Right now, the pieces that make that whole theme are the black skirt and the mace, combined with heavy, closed black plate pieces, and I think the helmet gives it a kind of a "Black Knight" -feel, which kind of supports the Dark Paladin theme.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to which pieces would fit this set better, throw out some. Not looking for any dark pieces which have plenty of color (blue, etc). The pieces really need to be as black as possible.

    Anyhoo, that's what I'm thinking of building. It's not a full "set", which makes it a bit more interesting for me. I've got a few full sets, but I think it might be fun to try and build something from pieces.

    Here's a picture:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyaan View Post
    How about an Orc female? Pretty much the same body structure as a male Human (but with boobs, obviously).
    It's an option.
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    still have to transmog gloves and weapon.

    Got the 2H sword from icc10 normal.
    gloves not sure yet.

    Love the shoulders from ICC with that skirt, rest, meh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    I currently have two death knight transmog sets set up...

    The first is a combination of sanctified DK tier 10, Conqueror's darkruned helmet, twin phantom blades, and vicious gladiator's warboots of cruelty:

    The second is a piecing together of various items in an attempt to make a sort of "executioner" looking set. It's composed of Brutal gladiator's dreadplate shoulders, brutal gladiator's dreadplate gauntlets, Acherus Knight's hood, Bogslayer belt, direwing legguards, and thick obsidian breastplate over master builder's shirt, with a death striker topping it off.

    Pretty much using the upper one myself, thanks for the boots suggestion, been using the boots of slaughter with it.

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