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    Really diggin' this. Simple, the shoulders/helm go well IMO. And the weapons I like because they are huge. Not the best, but massive which is fun.
    Like the set, dont like the weapons :P If the colours matched it'd be better imo, I'm pretty sure there are darker ones with the same skin out there.

    @endersblade: I agree, working on my conq set aswell The helm is great, and I hate most head items ingame. Blue set is the best imo, green is kinda meh and I wont reach red anyways :P

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    They're the only ones with that model, as far as color goes. Whenever I'm not busy I'm going to farm for the mace from ICC 5mans
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    Here is mine. Please dont copy. haha

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    were do u get this set.. from which bosses do the pieces come from.. much appreciated for a bangin look

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    were do u get this set.. from which bosses do the pieces come from.. much appreciated for a bangin look
    I'm going to try my hand at guessing here - it looks like everything is brutal gladiator gear, bought in SW/org, including the sword. The shoulders drop from a boss in Mount Hyjal (the raid) from I want to say archimonde.

    OT: I got 3 normal vanq marks in ICC last night which puts me like one lockout from my red set (will probably cheese the chest/legs with red starting set recolor items).
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    It doesn't seem to matter what else I hunt down and find, I can no longer find anything else I wan't to consider replacing with now that I have Hailstorm/Horseman.

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    Here is my transmog

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    i recently snagged a battered hilt for pretty cheap.
    trying to figure out which armor to use for the 2h variant.
    i never DW, i dont like it. 2hs always. and i already got the best 1h http://www.wowhead.com/item=39344.
    for reference, here is the 2h quel delar. http://www.wowhead.com/item=50048
    so far ive found that the blue malevolent set matches well, but im not a fan of using current gear to transmog.
    that or the ulduar tier, which is my favorite dk set in game.
    any other suggestions?

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    T10.5. Click my sig to see it in play with a blue-ish weapon too.
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    Put this in the general thread but people couldn't see it :/

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    here is my Bloodknight. trying to get asmuch red as possible:P
    eu battle net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Gentlebreh/simple
    (put dots inbetween eu-battle-net

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    Above poster:

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    thanks for posting the pic

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    I like the red but I am not a fan of the hat... 6/10? very original tho.

    mine us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Birza/simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakazam View Post
    Put this in the general thread but people couldn't see it :/

    Hey cool set you have there, still you have to change your boots

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    Tell me what you think

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    Looks good. Not a fan of the weapon and tabard. Tabard has random gold on it that doesn't match the armor and the axe is green.


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