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    Gearing as an Unholy

    Hello everyone,

    My guild right now is running through H BRF but I really have no clue on what pieces of gear I should roll on. I've looked on Icy Veins but the entire list they give seems to be just composed of a random assortment that Unholy can loot. A guild member told me to run Simulation Craft but I really had no idea to read the results or even really use the damned thing.. Anyways, is there some sort of comprehensive list on how to gear up for Unholy beyond our simple stat priority? Thank you for the help.

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    You can find bis lists for all DK dps specs at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?pli=1#gid=0

    Where multistrike and mastery gearing is so close for Unholy in BRF that unless you're in a cutting edge progression guild it's more down to preference than anything.

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    I've been able to try both builds out. The multi and mastery. And honestly for my playstyle where I'm good at keeping my NP at 15 stacks for close to 100% of the time I see so much more benefit from stacking mastery than I do multi. Last night got to iron maidens with my guild and every fight I was 30k or over for mostly single target dps. But when I was put into AoE situations my numbers looked like this. Darmac-52k hanz and franz- 44k flamebender- 36k and kromog even though mostly single target I was able to pull 35k I personally think mastery is defietly the way to go if you can get your 2 pc for unholy. So that way you can runic dump when you are sub 45% and keep NP up like that until UB comes off cd. But either way unholy is in a great place. And you won't go wrong with either build. Just with the mastery build you see a lot more gain because those AoE fights we tear it up. And stay consistent on single target.

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    If you are getting only 35k on Kromog but getting 52k on Darmac you are doing something wrong on Kromog.

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    Mastery and multistrike are the stats you want, basically all you need to care for. Though, no stat is complete garbage so an increase in itemlevel is usually the right call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bungie View Post
    If you are getting only 35k on Kromog but getting 52k on Darmac you are doing something wrong on Kromog.
    Yeah this ^^ I did 49.1k this week and it was hardly my best pull, Kromog is nowhere near single target.

    However to the OP, IMO it depends on group comp. if you're in a heavy aoe filled group go more MS. If you're group has better single go mastery. If it's fairly mixed then mix yourself.
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    kromog is kinda dependent on getting a 15 stack of NP (with sufficient time remaining) to spread from the boss to all the hands in an efficient manner, try and stand near the front to get gripped in the front row so you can bb and spread to more hands faster for more dps

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    Thanks for the help. Just by looking at a lot of the loot drops I kept seeing everything except for a very select few items have nothing I could use because they were all my worst stats which had gotten me discouraged that gearing my UH outside of Mythic was going to be a nightmare.

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