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    Frost DK Keybinds

    I have recently returned to the World of Warcraft, and I've been looking for basic optimal keybindings for a Frost Breath of Sindragosa Death Knight.

    What are your keybindings for abilities, mine are currently quite messy and ineffective in game.

    All tips and advice would be highly prized.

    I'm currently following a Noxxic 7.3 Frost Guide

    UI: WeakAuras2 & Elvui setup from Ipsen

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    Something like this I guess, frost doesn't have many buttons. Replace Obliteration with BOS.

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    What is your talent set up?

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    Just 4 buttons for your normal abilites and 3/4 for cooldowns.. not soo much.

    3 2 1 x x 3 1 for me, if y want to know. Since BoS is not really big enough ahead and Obliteration simple as fuck

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    Don't try and copy someone else's keybinds; keybinds should always be personal, to what you are comfortable with. As a general rule, binds shouldn't make you move your hand away from WASD (or ESDF if that's your preference), so if you have to take your hands off it's too far.

    More importantly, stop following Noxxic. It is an awful website, so much so that even Blizzard themselves openly took the piss out of it during a Q&A panel. The info is often wrong or just blatantly copy/pasted from other places without any reasoning. e.g. They could copy someone who says "X is best, however realistically, Y is better in any real scenario" - and Noxxic would just copy the "X is best" part.
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    Keybinding should be something personal that you are comfortable with. Some people have gaming mouse which give them assess to num pad on their mouse.

    It's something you need to work yourself to a comfortable state.

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