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    Blood DK Weakauras set

    For some time now I've been searching and working on weakauras that would fit my personal preferences and style of play. I just finished most of it - and since I'm quite pleased with the effect - I thought that maybe they will be usefull for more people. I grouped them in sets that maybe might be used separately (only cooldowns, or diseases or buff indicators etc). For some of them I used code written by other people, as I have no idea how to code in lua. Credit for the code goes to Slootbag (I used code from his AMS aura to display amount of absorb http://slootbag.com/weak-auras/ ) and Sunnier ( for resolve weak aura, amount of healing % gain http://sunniersartofwar.com/brewmaster-weak-auras/ ). Also I use blood shield tracker bar from probably mmo-c forum but I use it since MoP and I have no idea who to credit for it.....
    The set I am most Interrested on hearing your opinions is the one with "rotation". I tried to build dynamic group that would show you spells you have availeble at the moment, with priority system of blood DK in mind. It is somewhat work in progress and I will try to update it after I will raid with them more. For now I plan to add 5 sec CD notification of Defile (also, for now it was build only with that talent in mind as I suck at using BoS.
    Also diseases are only built to track BP and FF for now I'll work to add NP to it.

    Here are some sets of auras for blood DK's, credit for some of the code goes to Slootbag and Sunnier.

    [edit 8.02.2015] Added pastebin links and video, cleaned rotation by deleting my keybinds reminders.

    video preview:

    Buffs from cooldowns active:

    Dynamic group for BP on multiple targets:

    Dynamic group for FF on multiple targets:

    Diseases on the current target:

    Blood Tap uses availeble:

    Bone Shield stacks and duration (also shows when you have Bone Shield missing in combat and It's off cd):

    Timers for (hopefully) all defensive cooldowns:

    Blood shield bar and resolve tracker:

    Blood DK 'rotation' priority system:

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    You should post some images .

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    "You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times."

    I would really like to, but yeah.... that.

    Still you can find it on youtube as "Farenheit Blood DK Weak Auras".

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    Quick question: Why the number on the rotation priority list?
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    oh, I totaly forgot to remove them, these are my keybinds and sometimes it's usefull for me to have reminder...I will update them without these tomorrow when I will have access to my pc.

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    I can finally post links here, so:
    Below is rotation aura set without keybinds reminder, there is only stack count on Death strike, showing how much more healing you get. (also they are replaced in 1-st post). Also I add video showing how the auras work.

    rotation: http://pastebin.com/aLMF4Swu

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    Great! Nice work!

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    Who did your ElvUI setup? Just tried recreating it and I cant seems to get rid of the buffs above the toon's unit frame or separate out the runes and runic power to put them above the resolve.
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    I'ts quite easy to setup. In elvui config go to unit frames / player frame and in rollout menu set to "general" on default, you have all configurations you need. you will find runic power as "power" and runes as "classbar". You need to check "detached from frame" and then move them wherever you want. There are tabs for buffs and debuffs too, but i'm not sure if I didn't disable them and move debuff frame from the upper right corner to the player frame (i'd need to check on that).
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    Thanks for that, really nice setup.

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    I found this and I am new to DK tanking and also weakauras. When in combat Dancing Rune Weapon doesn't work after I use it to show time remaining on the cooldown. I was also wondering if there was a weakaura for Defile and Plague Leech for when those abilities are coming off cooldown. Other than that I love this weakaura, works great for me.

    (Also side note, it won't let me edit the weakauras. They don't even appear in my weakaura list even though they work.

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    Could you post your weak auras for Runes and Runic Power? Would really love something like that.

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