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    Unholy Opener

    So after getting abit bored with spamming 2 buttons as frost i've decided to go to unholy.

    My armoury:

    Gears abit miss matched, pvp and some heroic tank bits in there but it all gives me the best bonus' compared to what i have as an alternative. I've only recently started playing my death knight properly aswell.

    Anyway, done abit of research into the unholy spec, rotations, talents, glyphs etc but no where can i find the optimal / best opening rotation? So as a last resort i thought id ask the DK community as to what you guys and girls do? Obviously this is probably going to differ from person to person but hopefully i'll see some kind of pattern.

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    on my totally impressive 536 DK, bosses who don't require a delay on burst, my opening looks like:
    Pre-cast Army > Outbreak running in > Gargoyle > UF > DnD. By now I'm at the boss spamming Scourge Strike and Death Coil.
    Plague Leech when both trinkets are procced (also got 2-4 Death Shrouds now), Plague Strike to get strong DoTs rolling and then DC till Dark Transformation, then DnD > SS > FeS, only prioritizing FeS to maintain the strong DoT from the opener. Maintaining that strong DoT till I need runes again from Plague Leech.

    I notice I don't get RP and BT-capped in the opener this way, that's why I use Plague Leech so early. Check for yourself though, goes without saying 30 ilvls makes a lot difference.

    Anyway, my DK being just another alt and figuring out this opener on my own, I'm curious to other answers aswell.
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    plague leech as unholy is a no no

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    Could you post why plague leech is bad? Not a lot of info there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiar View Post
    Could you post why plague leech is bad? Not a lot of info there...
    You don't want to take your diseases down (which plague leech does) since your damage scales with diseases
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    lifethreatening transmittable major tomato diseases
    Quote Originally Posted by Bladeface View Post
    tribe will get feet pterosaurs
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    Quote Originally Posted by rerecros View Post
    plague leech as unholy is a no no
    If you only use it if you can reapply trinket empowered DoTs it is not a no go, but I kinda doubt it being of much use, especially as you have UF and trinkets up at the same time, atleast for BiS trinkets.
    Also losing a gcd on trinkets.
    Using it killing empowered DoTs without replacing them with powerful DoTs is aside from AoE for sure a loss.

    UB is most likely better, might be worth some tests though with extra low haste or something along that, but I doubt it.

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    PL is just pointless for UH in general, as your dots are a very significant part of your damage. I usually just roll with RB since I'm lazy, but for ST opener UB is the best. You'll have pre-pot and more or less every proc available when it ends, so the diseases will be really strong.

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    Depends on the fight. Single target you want to run with Unholy Blight, we'll go with an 8 second pull timer as standard here.

    Pull timer begins, cast army.
    At 3 seconds, cast Unholy Blight.
    At 2 seconds, drink a Potion of Mogu Strength.
    As the pull is happening, do the following for each GCD >

    Have a macro containing /cast Unholy Frenzy, Stoneskin Gargoyle, Engineering Gloves, Blood Fury, (For Orcs) - Pop this as the boss is pulled.

    Scourge, Festering, Festering, Scourge.

    While those abilities hit, your Unholy blight will have fell off. But it will have left you with diseases containing, racial buff, strength potion buff, trinket str proc buffs + engineering glove buff / tailoring cloak buff if you have em.

    Then ramp as many deathcoils into the target as possible, buffing Timmy...get his ass transformed ASAP.

    Then it is your standard Unholy rotation focusing on maintaining those supercharged dots using Festering strike.
    They will generally do 50% more damage than any diseases you would end up re-apply every 30 seconds if you chose Plague Leech.

    Just aim to time them falling off at the same time the boss dies, because x2 Scourge Strikes > x1 Festering so you want to start watching how long those diseases have left on them sub < 35%. But before that go ham on the festering strikes to keep those diseases up.


    If AoE is involved in the encounter grab Roiling Blood and swap out a scourge strike for a DnD every 30 seconds, it's the same deal except you need to grab DK Diseases to show you when your peak attack power has hit during the opener.

    Instead of your first attack being a festering, use a plague strike, Fes, Fes, scourge strike combo. During those 4 attacks your trinkets will have procced so keep an eye out and use Outbreak the second the stars align (using DK Diseases, or your eyes if you're a savant).

    Eh, that should do it. Just be quick on buffing up timmy and don't hesitate to use those Sudden Doom procs for free deathcoils during the middle of the opener...each one buffs Timmy's damage by 10% even before you transform him.

    Enjoy unholy, I switched after my first HC Garrosh kill as Frost and after 30 more farm kills as Unholy, I just find it so much more fun.

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    Glad I posted about Plague Leech then, I had no clue it was a bad choice!

    Gonna go with UB, see how it works out. Keeping strong DoTs is in my system as a Lock, that's why I tried to delay PL when I got a lot of procs again. As far as anecdotal "evidence" counts, 200k+ dps on Malkorok LFR in that gear looked reasonable.

    Thanks for the thread and all the replies, makes a lot of sense.
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    most of the time for me i open with army on pull, plague strike then SS, by that time my trinkets and fallen crusader proc, then i pop blood rage,unholy frenzy, garg then spam ss till i see i need to start refreshing my DoTs then its weaving fetering and SS while trying to use D&D up as much as i can. great amount of burst, better if you get a lust at the start. my Dk, i go more for mastery than crit works well for me so far

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