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    @ Nexrex

    couple good swords to use, are the ones from AQ20 AQ40.

    AQ40 - Temple

    AQ20 - Ruins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciante View Post
    My Goblin DK, goblin are small, so not a great base for transmog and a pretty classic transmog

    Your goblin dk looks pretty good in that, you really don't see many dk's if any at all in the red version of that gear, so definitely unique. With that sword being horde only, even more unique.

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    i use that set with ulduar10 helm/boots for blood looks good. although i need to pick that sword up for 5.2

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    10 points for originality, right?

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    My new... ''mog''

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunty View Post
    My new... ''mog''

    It looks pretty good, but i think that headpiece look out of place, the same with the cloak

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    new transmog!
    Amazing signature courtesy of Shyama

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    Sanctified ICC Set with the betrayer of humanity axe, ftw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhand79 View Post
    Came up with a new set today for my blood spec, I call it the berserker gear, what do y'all think?

    I really enjoy this set. What legs are those?

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    They are one of the choices of legplates from http://www.wowhead.com/quest=31228. All the choices of plate legs in that quest share the same model.

    Other than the gloves, every piece I have on him on is quested, gloves are blackmithed. Boots, unfortunately are horde only, but there are a few on alliance side that'd still probably look good with it.
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    I just need the chest to spawn. Legs I'm currently bidding on. But I sorta like the 8.5 legs. The flared parts and glowing areas make it less boring than the classic t3 model. Of course now I'm getting the urge to go back to my red set I had a while back.

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    Try out the t8 25 man chest. I think it matches pretty well. I'm jelly, i've yet to see the helm or shoulders spawn.

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    Ohhh. I am wearing the um... 8.5 for pants and chest. I'm gonna try t8 for it. Always loved the colors from the ten man version.

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    I'm running with this set: http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...67:39322:91440

    Looks much better with long white hair (and with the head piece not being bugged in wowhead model viewer)

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    Finally got the items i wanted for the set from naxx 25!I m still not sure about which 2hander to use.Maybe armagedon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turgon View Post

    Finally got the items i wanted for the set from naxx 25!I m still not sure about which 2hander to use.Maybe armagedon?
    For 2H swords
    Maybe LFR starshatter? Or one of the 2handed swords from ICC? Abaddon would work as well.

    For 2H axes
    Bryntoll, Ramaladini's blade of culling (heroic saurfang 10 man), Crow Wing Reaper.

    For 2H Maces
    Warmace of Menethil (normal mode 10man arthas), Demise, Scepter of the Sha'tar, Warmaul of Infused light.

    Those are the ones I think would look good, sticking with the whole blue thing.

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    Went for a "goblin" theme :

    The whole armor sparkles thanks to http://www.wowhead.com/item=86585, adding more bling to the business.
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    Hah love the goblin engineer look! Finkles <3

    In my link to my armoury I have my current outfit. Got the whole stormwind foot soldier look going on. I do however have an issue. I have the axe from LFR sha now. I transmogged to drake talon cleaver to help fit the theme a bit but I am stumped as to what axe to actually use for this set i've got. Any ideas on 2handed axes?

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    Awesome Goblin transmog! :O

    Maybe one of the Justicebringer axes from ToC25?

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    Nah, Justicebringer wouldnt work. What about Trollbane?

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