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    The druid set looks horrible. wtf is with the wooden crown on the head that also covers the eyes ? those shoulders looks like a dryed plant... I love the s10 ones with those little straps of leather attached and glowing gems.. the gloves are also kinda meh... they seems stolen from a cloth set, they don't fit with the rest of the set....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Licarius View Post
    I don't like any of them.... personally. And whats with the New 5 man ilvl? 378 is on par with FL.... if we're in full 378 or even heroic gear, there's really no pint to running them besides the lore and maybe some achieves.... I thought they'd be at least 384.... between t12 and t12H. thoughts?
    They shouldnt even be on par with FL ilvl. Its a freaking dungeon (ZG/ZA had 353, while BoT / BWD had 359)

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    yeah, ill be transmogging my s11 back into my current s10 elite gear, all the clothies got screwed this time around in my opinion. i mean holy hell, look at the detail in the paladin/warrior/rogue sets, are you kidding me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorchHellfire View Post
    So much for making the sets look like upgraded versions of the previous season...
    i couldnt agree more
    Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H?

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    The Paladin and Hunter look fucking epic! So going to be what I make my PvE items look like. Never thought I'd admit it.

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    It would be really nice if cloth items without hit and without spirit would just be called "Spell" instead of "Spell DPS". It should be:cloth with spirit -> Spell Spiritcloth with hit -> Spell Hitcloth with neither -> Spell (or nothing)Those are just as good for priests as for mages and warlocks who always seem to think every item called "Spell DPS" on mmo-champion is just for them and for them only because "Spell Spirit" is only for priests.

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    Holy shit! Finally Paladins got the coolest set for once!! I wonder how it'll look on the other races.

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    Gah, why do they keep putting Crit on trinkets? Curse you Blizzard. Oh, and not enough Mail. Hating on Hunters and Shaman!

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    I want to know who designed that paladin set and I want him/her/them to design all of the raid tier sets from now on.

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    where is the DK gear? O.o cant find anything there is better for DK's (give me mastery dammit)

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    The paladin set looks so incredibly good it almost feels like it doesn't belong in WoW...

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    brb leveli - oh wait, I already have one

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    Love all of them
    Add Alpha Female And Male Worgen Models Features as Options!!!

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    The paladin set is planet-smashingly amazing. Seriously. Holy crap. It virtually outclasses almost any other set I can remember ever seeing in WoW.

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    I play a Paladin and all this does is make me super sad that I don't have time to arena. XD

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    This might come off as a bit of a noob question, bear with me, I've rarely PVP'd before! In order to get these sets, wouldn't one have to be a reasonably high ranked arena / RBG fighter? Or do you think these will ever be buyable for us poor ordinary BG people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercutiouk View Post
    The one downer tho - oh look at the loot from the 5 mans - everyone but enhance covered weapon wise - AGAIN. I mean is it REALLY needed to stick plate melee 1h and 2h in EVERY loot source and 1h agi axe, mace or fist in NONE?
    Enchance isn't the only one not covered weapon wise. Hunters say hello. A dagger is there but its by no means ideal. And that bow is just a kick in the balls to hunters..Expertise really? Nice to give a ranged weapon to a class that what uses them to pull, as opposed to using it all the time..its just w/e. lol. But yeah not just enhance.

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    I see everyone agrees, the Paladin set is unbelievably epic, looks like something out of Spawn or Warhammer but with WoW flair, I mean geezus it's nice, I want to level a Paladin now just to wear that, because it looks THAT good. Why didn't they say "Hey, let's make this the Deathwing tier instead of that Wingboner one?", why I ask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
    This might come off as a bit of a noob question, bear with me, I've rarely PVP'd before! In order to get these sets, wouldn't one have to be a reasonably high ranked arena / RBG fighter? Or do you think these will ever be buyable for us poor ordinary BG people?
    Well if all else fails, you can wait until next season, when this season's gear will most likely come available for honor points. XD

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    Paladin = D&D's Animated Venger in plate.... love it

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    All of them are "Meh", Except the PALADIN. Holy shit its soo epic! Angle and Devil theme is absolutely perfect for this class. The Knight Priest that Blesses and Slays. The Set captures this duality soo fucking good

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