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    It goes "New York to Romania" and its a rock song from like 10 years ago. Any ideas?

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    This thread isn't perfectly fitting for my question, but I don't think it warrants its own thread so here I go: I'm looking for Arabic music like the one you can hear in this video or in the other ones from the Michigan Arab Orchestra on Youtube. I especially like the violins, but it's the whole package that makes it exotic and exciting to me.

    The problem is that I don't know a lot about music and even less about Arabic music, so I have no idea what to look for. I tried searching with various keywords and mostly found Arab pop and traditional stuff that doesn't really sound like what I linked. I seemingly got lucky with "Arab orchestra" because there is one that's called that (it didn't bring up much else).

    I would appreciate it if you could give me some links or proper names for genres to search!

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    I've been in search of this song from this video, & all I've got so far is that it's by Boys Noize. I listened through snips of all their tracks on iTunes & found nothing. If anybody has any idea, I'd be greatly appreciative.
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    I can't seem to find this, even through Google, so the line may be wrong. It's rock/alternative, since that's all I really listen to. The line in my head is "this trap is gonna be a close one". I may have the word "trap" wrong, but I seem to think it's the right word.

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    Was gonna delete my post, but I figure I'd share my "derp" moment. It's "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a band and song I know well. Apparently not well enough. The line is "this chapter's gonna be a close one". To be fair though, that song is really hard to understand without reading it.

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    Would like to know all but 1st song (since that is already in video comments), songs starting roughly at 5:10, 8:15 and 11:40

    Thanks in advantage!

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    2nd song is 'walking on a dream' by empire of the sun, the 3rd song is 'Take a walk' by passion pit and last song is 'sixteen tons of hardware' by BWO

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    Anyone know what song is playing during the party in The Big Bang Theory season finale? ( first 50 seconds roughly)

    I've been wracking my brain for the past hour trying to hum, whistle and tap the song into various song identification sites and because of the shitty mixing I can't make out any of the lyrics over the laugh track and the actors
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    Have you tried checking which season and episode it is and googling it with "ost for season x episode x"? That usually works.
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    not sure if this counts as a necro or not, seeing it was linked in the sticky.

    anyhoo..i can't remember the name of a band. i seem to recall they were from new york and they made pretty mellow music. elctro/pop/punk mix ish.

    they released an album about 5 or 6 years ago, and i think one of the songs was called 'traffic'.

    anyone that can help me remember? it's doing my head in and google/duckduckgo isn't helping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCMXCIX View Post
    Okay, so I have this song that I found a really long time ago. The artists were labelled as Otep and Slipknot, but I've seen a bunch of stupid labeling in Limewire. I searched multiple times, and each time I searched I found someone claiming it was a different artist. I've seen Otep and Slipknot, Jack Off Jill, Kittie, Straight Line Stitch, etc. It sounds most like Jack Off Jill from that list, but I doubt it's them. The genre is hard rock, maybe punk, and the female singer has a sort of twang to her voice. The song is called Waterside, labeled "Watersiide*". The song starts off (I think, it can be hard to tell with her voice) "The stream has finally broken, the stream has finally dried." and the chorus is "Down by the waterside" repeated. Can anyone help find the actual artist? I even tried a freeware song identification program (I don't have a smartphone), and it didn't work, but I was expecting that.
    did you ever figure out who sings that song? i found it online at ( link: ) goo DOT gl SLASH ut92nC

    it sounds like she is saying "another string is finally broken, another stream has finally dried, the air is likely polluted", and then "down by the water side" of course. i couldn't find anything online by searching those lyrics. i have also tried soundhound and bing music recognition searches with no luck.

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    I need your help guys, and girls.
    I'm looking for a song, well, Music video to be specific.
    Infos about that Music Video?
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    What is this song? I need this in my life.

    Edit: its a remix from "here to stay" but I can't find it for the life of me.
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    Hai guys,

    Anyone found out music titles used in LotV trailer? ( I would much appreciate if you share those


    Anyone knows title for this one:
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    I'm looking for a name/artist
    I know this is a pretty long shot... it's a part of a breaks set Hyper - SIRIUS Boombox Mix 2007-05-26, but the tracklist is nowhere to be found
    come to think of it, YouTube's recognition software might be useful here, but I'm a cave-troll-level of anything concerning video creation

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