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    What was Speshil about Miley Cyrus 2013 Performance that made people upset?

    So now MTV shows of 2014 are on their way or already completed and it is time to take a step back and revise the past year.

    As far as I am concerned, there was a somewhat lascivious show and revealing clothing performed by a 21 year old woman. The procedure did not appear to be wilder than a great number of other Music Performances or videos of that year or even previous years however, so I do not really understand what the ruckus was about.

    I do get that this is a result Music TeleVision spending a lot of ca$h for (viral) marketing and has a dedicated PR team to get this on the news just like they doed every year, but not why such a vast number of responded so vividly.
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    I mostly ignored it but wasn't it due to her grinding against whats his face and then humping a giant foam hand to a bunch of kids?
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    Grinding against the rape song guy was pretty weird.

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    She dry humped a fat guy.
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    I still do not see how this was any more outrageous than, say, Prince "Sexy Motherfucker" suggestive Text and lascivious actions/clothing in Video back in 1992.
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    It had Miley Cyrus in it.
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    Well maybe if she didn't look like some skank prostitute on cocaine it wouldn't have been so bad. I feel like she's only doing this stuff to force the Hannah Montana image out of people's minds. Only it's like she wants it to happen almost instantly for some reason by, again, looking like some skank prostitute on cocaine. I hate to use the description so much but that's actually a really accurate description of what she looked like up on that stage.

    She went from an inspiring actor/singer to an example of what NOT to be when you grow up.

    Also it's *special*.
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