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View Poll Results: Which type of priest do you see more often?

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  • I see Shadow more often

    14 35.00%
  • I see Healing priest more often

    26 65.00%
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    What do you see more of?

    Shadow Priest

    Or Healing Priest

    as I was sitting around in Org today, I noticed a lot of purple blotches everywhere, so it roused the question of I wonder if more people are playing shadow than the healing counterparts..

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    These days, shadow priests.

    We don't even have a healing priest in our guild at the moment.

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    See, idk what it is, maybe its just that Shadow priest stand out so well, but I swear, they are everywhere, sometimes I can fly around org without seeing 1 everytime I stop.

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    I'm sure it has something to do with shadowpriests being pretty beastly in firelands.

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    We shadow priests are cooler looking.

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    I see a shit load of Shadow Priests and Disc Priests. When I was leveling my own Disc priest, I went into BG's every now and then as Shadow, and every other priest in there was Shadow lol... Too bad most of them don't carry on to competitive progression raiding. WTB moar priests :\
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    been the only healing priest for ages, even though we've been tyring to recruit them. At the moment running around with 4 active shadowpriests >.>

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    I'm actually not going to vote because i believe its pretty even. There are a lot of shadow but they tend to stand out alot more, and there are alot of Disc's and a few Holy to balance it out

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    Hard to say. In dungeons/raids its definitely healer priests.

    However running around youd generally say its more on the Shadow side... Probably just because you can identify them by the purple shadowform rather than inspecting/tooltipping them to see theyre a priest.

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