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    Just my opinion brohaw, and I didn't state it as a it really necessary to add "IMO" or "I think" or "I believe" before every statement one makes? No...not at all. I don't think a fleshed-out leveling experience adds much longevity to the game, because the majority of your time spent in an MMO will likely be at max level. If you feel differently, cool.

    I just want plenty of stuff to keep me busy at max level. I view the leveling experience as a long tutorial, as well as an opportunity to meet people and delve into the lore of the game. But once it's over, it's over. Once you've completed that "tutorial" once, experiencing it again is just kind of boring, even if the story and quests are different. That's how I feel, I respect that you feel differently, and would hope that you respect those of us who do not wish to play the game exactly as you do.

    Now, do I need to put a bold disclaimer at the bottom of my post stating that this is my opinion? :P
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