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    Quote Originally Posted by 3tch View Post
    With the changes to Insane in the Membrane and the addition of many new Darkmoon Farie quests, the insane is just not so insane any more.
    Granted Ravenholdt is more work than pre-shattering but overall it is much easier to accomplish this FoS than it was.
    This is incorrect as it will probably cap you on friendly.
    so dnt assume that it will allow you to get to Exalted on Dailies for DMF alone

    EDIT: Didnt read all posts. /ignore
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    I've been trying to level my warlock for well over a year now and I've only just hit level 60. There's something very difficult about their playstyle right from the get go. Surely it can't just be me? Is there any chance that the devs can streamline the class. Their resource system is also difficult to maintain as well.

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