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    [Movies] New Transformer movie sucked

    It just isn't as good as the first 2 imo. Plenty of action but very anti-climatic and complex story line. Oh yeah no Megan Fox either =(
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    i liked the babe.

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    Optimus approaches all new levels of horrifying executioner in that movie. Seriously Optimus. Take a chill pill!

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    i like it just not as much as the previous 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Optimus approaches all new levels of horrifying executioner in that movie. Seriously Optimus. Take a chill pill!
    This :P Optimus has gotten more n more bad ass in each film XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egga View Post
    i liked the babe.
    wasn't "the girl(s)" the only reason to watch any of the transformers movies?! :-)

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    1> 3 >2 imo
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    well thats true.. i loved Megan Fox in that tight MC outfit..

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    wait, there were robots in that movie, i couldn't get the vision of her ass from the first scene out of my mind the entire movie, thats all i kept seeing

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    Complex story line..? What are you, 8?

    Personally I liked it. Not sure if I liked the new chick more than Megan Fox, but her lips are like, WHAT THE FUCK! I certainly didn't like the fact that at the end, after the WHOLE FREAKING SKYSCRAPER breaks in half, her make-up and hair is like she just got out of a beauty salon... COME ON, NOW PEOPLE, BE REALISTIC!

    Story was fine, Optimus was a real executioner with all the "BLOOD" going out from that guys head.. DAMN.

    One thing, I didn't get. Where is Megan Fox's character supposed to be? Did they break up? I though "she was the one bla bla bla".

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    no megan fox so i didn't watch it...i tend to not like stories that build up a character over a series just to get rid of them due to a childish petty squabble...

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    I quite enjoyed the movie.

    Anyone know where I could get me one of those worm-thingies? My... garden needs a little facelift.

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    The action was great. The story was utter garbage.

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    It was average at best. Everything was worse, even girl. I'm not a big fan of Megan Fox, but still she is smoking hot, new girl... not so much. Great legs, fake plastic face.

    Story line? Pretty bad, boring and non-funny, full of cliches. Hell, autobots even went after Iran, how unexpected! Surprised they havent done "robots hunting Gaddafi's head" scenes

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    No it didnt.... it was good.

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    Meh...1>2>>>>>>>3, and the frog lady didn't make it better either....

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    I thought it was pretty cool ... Didn't like his new gf tho.

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    What are these new Transformers movies of which you speak? There was one fine animated Transformers movie, but certainly no live action ones

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    I would go with 1>3>2, been a fan of transformers of when i was a kid but as for the life action movies,

    The first one was very good, nothing to tell.

    The second one could have had an uber last duel but they said in commentary on the movie they had to cut half of the fights in the movie due too having financial problems with it, the last fight between optimus and the fallen was around 4minutes long while it was supposed to be 15-20minutes and megan fox can look well, she just isn't made for acting.

    as for the third movie, it was good, def. better then the previous, while the scenes were good and optimus went imba mode at the end, and spoiler the dead of my favorite character in the movie, it just didn't had the feel on it like the first movie had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaris View Post
    What are these new Transformers movies of which you speak? There was one fine animated Transformers movie, but certainly no live action ones
    i'll just take this up as sarcasm.

    dutch side but
    = life action movie 1
    = live action movie 2
    = live action movie 3

    edit: I will buy the special edition or the normal edition of it tho, got everything that exists about transformers (ie movies, series, soundtrack cd's,...) at my place
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    Haven't watched it yet. Does it follow the same storyline as the first two? Shia LaBeouf has something the Decepticons want so the Autobots have to protect him?

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    You know you just wrote 7 paragraphs about some people you have never met, playing a computer game in a way you disagree with?

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