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    Booming Voice

    Just wanna hear from fellow warriors. How many points did you put in booming voice and why?

    The reason i ask is because im not quite sure if its an dps increase or a dps loss. Yes technically its a dps increase if you put less points but is it worth it to
    have a longer duration of battle shout?

    I am a PVE TG fury
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    depends on if you are doing pvp or pve
    but it could be used for the rage bonus, the time doesn't matter at all

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    Last I checked 2/2 showed better results on paper, however I play with 1/2 because comparing logs it feels like this was working better.
    Obviously, nothing can be told for certain out of those few logs
    But I like to see it as a personal preferance

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    If you do not have 2 piece tier 12 get 2/2 Booming voice.

    The 2 set tier 12 is a 10% Damage buff for 12 seconds.

    If you have 2/2 Booming Voice it lasts 6 seconds
    If you have 1/2 Booming Voice it lasts 9 seconds
    If you have 0/2 Booming Voice it lasts 12 seconds
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    From my personal experience, 2/2 is just nicer because of the amount of rage it yields over 1/2 or 0/2. Even having over 15% hit and mostly 391s I still manage to get on some missing streaks with white hits. 2/2 comes in handy for that.

    I pretty much neglect the 2PC. I shouldn't, but I haven't really seen a huge increase to my DPS when I attempted to use it at certain times. It's probably only 100 DPS or so for a full time fight (between 6 and 8 minutes I'd say, minus rag).

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    afaik in theory 2/2 booming is higher dps and in actual play 1/2 comes out on top almost every time.
    Not sure why that is, just recall reading that on EJ.

    i enjoy 1/2, it just feels nice getting every third CS covered.

    And yes obviously this is only if you have the 2set bonus.
    If you dont get 2/2.

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